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Nneka had this lustful look on her face when she picked up the phone. She was all smiles. She spoke in a seductive manner and could not give two hoots if Ophelia heard. After all she had just confessed to her that she was one foot out of the door already. This new guy who made her go crazy was recently hired by their organization. All women lusted after him. No. Some wanted him for their own selfish desires.

Nneka was charming, she was beautiful and her skin was flawless. She had been around for long. The guy in picture was nine years her junior. He spoke fluent English. His shaving style had a fade. He always donned expensive colognes that wafted the entire floor. His cologne would announce his arrival long before he appeared. It all began when Nneka flirted with him. She asked where she could buy a watch similar to his. She loved watches. He told her where she could get it, but she was adamant and insisted that he should physically take her and help her choose. She had the allure of an older mature woman.

They had their first date just like that. Nneka vented her frustrations to him. The guy gave a listening ear and assured her that she deserved the best. Each passing day they grew close together. There were rumours about the two of them. The guy never had eyes for any other woman. He was smitten by Nneka. He knew that he was treading on dangerous grounds, yet the thrill of it made him not back down. He was head over heels with Nneka. He fell too hard. He knew she was married to a powerful person. Word was out in the streets that her husband was challenged by psychological issues.

Nneka’s colleagues jeered behind her back whenever she was not around. They were envious. She never paid any attention to their shenanigans. The first time they kissed was when they were stuck in an elevator. Since then they’d make out in any place when it’s just two of them.

He has taken her to various places, shown her the other side of town and the night life. She had never experienced such thrills of the night with the city lights on. And with each passing day she wanted him more and more. They had not yet shared a bed. She was scared that she would get caught. A thing which oftenly infuriated him. He wondered why she always bailed out on him at the last stage. She always felt guilty whenever she entertained the thought of screwing another man apart from her husband.

What would happen if they get caught? Or if she fell pregnant by another guy. The stakes were high. She was willing to give her husband one last chance before she decides to walk out. But tonight, she’d flirt with him openly wothout a single care. Tease him and give him wild thoughts.

She was slightly tipsy. His voice serenades her whenever he speaks. She wanted him.

Ophelia was bothered by her sister’s in law behavior. She cursed Nneka in her head. While Nneka was busy talking to the guy of her dreams, Ophelia recorded every thing. She would use this as leverage against her. She still harbored ill feelings towards Nneka. This was a perfect opportunity to blackmail her and have her eat at the palms of her hand.

Brother would congratulate her for a good job done. How does she approach him and tell him hat his wife was planning on how her cheeks would get spread by some other guy? She was worried of how brother would react towards such news. She found it wise to let Nneka self distract.

This would give brother the grounds to quit his marriage due to his wife’s infidelity. But isn’t it ironical that she stayed for long when he was busy rampaging around with other daughters of Eve?

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