Funerals Made Cheaper?

It’s usually devastating when we lose a close family member, relative or friend. It hurts knowing that we won’t be able to speak nor see the person again once we’ve put them six feet under. The bereaved family would be in all manner of losses. From the emotional to physical and economical loss; the family is usually burdened. When a close person to you dies it becomes expensive. Hospital bills have to be settled, people would begin streaming in to say sorry and pass their condolences which would mean extra purchasing costs of resources. Buying of clothes, coffins and other matters would make it a costly affair especially with the to and fro movement.

I have a dream that one day perhaps funerals would be made cheaper. I have a dream that one day the bereaved family would not be burdened by the economics that come around with holding a funeral. I have a dream that one day their loss wouldn’t be added by other burdens that come in forms of miscellaneous miscalculations. I have a dream that one we will stop politicizing at funerals and we would let the bereaved family moan in peace.

I came up with a few options that would perhaps ease matters a bit. Have you ever though of allowing service providers to bring chairs and arrange them somewhere. If you need a chair simply pay your twenty shillings and pick your chair. This is followed by allowing people with tents to strategically place their tents, such that if you want to sit under the tent you just pay another twenty shillings and then put your “paid for” chair under it. You will have saved the family the costs of hiring chairs plus the tents in which most cases are not fully utilized.

Create an extra allowance for the catering service providers. I know it is not African of me to say this but; “some people only flock the funerals for the free food.” Then they’d put up a scenery by letting out a few howls and wails and throw themselves to the ground and writhe like serpents. The scene would be well perfected by other villagers. An allowance of having a catering service provider to pitch up their tents and prepare all manner of foods will ensure that the monotony is broken. This would also ward off masqueraders. If one would feel hungry they would walk to any tent of their choice, order any food they want and simply pay for it from their own pockets.

The same would apply if any one felt thirsty. Perhaps water would be provided. Water is life. But for juice and soda? I’ll leave it at that.

Need to go for a call of nature? Place portable toilets in different corners so that people would pay something small to relieve themselves.

Some would say this is queer and unorthodox. But would any one perish if this happened? Would one get a curse? Is it superstitious if one decided to do things this way? I think not. We would have helped saved the bereaved family out of unnecessary expenditure. This is one way to have the economic prowess of our communities to go up.

For the politicians? Charge them every dime for each minute they waste politicizing their agendas at the funeral.

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