It is a Friday evening and I’m bored by my own company. The coffee in my mug tastes horrible. Maybe it’s due to the fact that it gets mugged every single time. The past two weeks have been a series of events.

I have been on medication for a while, perhaps it might be the reason why I feel a bit spaced out. I reported to my usual man cave an hour shy from noon to write, and for a bloody three hours I only did less than 700 words. On a normal day I would do 3000 words and on a god-sensei level twice the amount of it. But today? Sigh, today I couldn’t get an article complete, let alone a synopsis. Evening comes and I feel the urge to stroll and stretch my legs.

Maybe cycling around the estate and the feeling of wind rushing across my face might cheer me up. I am thirsty. I have been thirsty for the past two weeks. I cycled around the estate and headed to the adjascent estate from where I stay. I steer devoid of any paths that would lead me down to the stage where numerous watering holes are located.

The thirst would have to wait. I would not want something that is bad for my health. I pass several guys heading the opposite direction towards the watering hole. It’s slightly drizzling. I rush past a new joint that has been opened recently. It looks dingy, somewhere I would not set my foot in.
The wines and spirits are open in full swing in the adjacent estate. I take my cue and turn back around. I sure had missed cycling.

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  1. Keke hamza says:

    Nice piece kijana….keep moving

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