To the man who believeth that men are naturally promiscuous and the woman who sells herself to the highest bidder shalt never feel safe in any relationship. This is because of them not being able to discover the power of reason. They are both slaves to their emotions. Belief in the faculty of logic has never crossed their minds. As a man, certain values are to be learned: cooking, laundry, going to the grocery or market, molding a hobby outside women, alcohol, drugs, and taming sexual urges. So long as eggs remain to be eggs, then no one will take an advantage of you.

She rejected you? Do not lay idling around waiting for her to reverse her decision. Move! If she is not sure about you guys, Move! When she is sure, she will look for you. Move!

She cheated? Leave! Yes, it pains and hurts. Leave! You love her? Leave! It is a mistake. Simply vamoose. No woman will respect you until you start respecting yourself. Your dignity as a man is your frame, lose that and it is game over. Once you leave enough women you learn that you can overcome all of them with time. You stop being a beggar.

A woman who cannot respect you cannot love you. Conquer respect, conquer love. Never the other way round. Until you stop accepting crumbs, you will never be invited to the dining table. Cry, mourn, lament, get angry, do whichever you can,…. but at the end of the day you must leave.

A man who cannot understand when a woman say no is in for a rude shock. Things will never work due to the fact that desire cannot be negotiated. A man’s boundless capacity for hope when it comes to a woman is his biggest undoing. You cannot make someone love you being nice. Personally this is why I never befriend the women I am trying to bed. You tell me “no” and I am out like suns first rays of light. I want nothing to do with you. The longer you stay, the longer the you deceive yourself into thinking that you can change her mind.
Have a look at the book, “Of Human Bondage.”

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  1. David Mghanga says:

    Good read. Wisdom my bro , a man’s frame is all there is, you don’t beg her or chase after her, because you have several girls you could be talking to at any given time.

    Remember, she was riding someone’s penis before you met her, and she’ll be riding another even after you leave.

  2. James says:

    Mans missing manual unveiled. Told like it is.

    1. Amwadeghu says:

      That let us be friends line is usually the biggest scam

  3. Amwadeghu says:

    True true on that brother.

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