Flashbacks and Comebacks

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For the first time in many months, Francesca felt more like an outcast in her home than when she was in the city. She left her son’s home in an unceremonious manner. She was angry that Akala had decided to join the ways of the Lord. She was shell-shocked. She could not contain the thought of having people she didn’t know pester her with long torturous sermons. The burden of having to cook for lots of people then later doing the dishes didn’t augur well with her either. Word went around that she was the cause of the bewitchment that had happened in her family thus causing a rift. The stares and sneers of the villagers burnt her skin. She had no one to lean on. Her husband had run away to God knows where. She felt lonely. A big house with no grandchildren to run around and no kids to visit was more than enough. She had everything under control by whip and lash. She was alpha and omega when it came to matters of managing her household. How did it turn to this?

She missed the moments when her home was full of life, laughter could be heard from every corner of the homestead. Her daughters helping around and calling her ‘mamaa’ this ‘mamaa’ that. Akala and his father would be content making grilled barbecues in the backyard as they had their drinks as other relatives would make small banter on how life was becoming expensive day by day. Life was good at that time. A tear rolled down her heavily puffed cheeks. She let them roll down. What began as little sobs soon turned out into fully fledged howls. She wished she could do things differently but all that was in the past now. She seethed with anger and vowed to do everything in her power to make each of her children bow to her and make her husband Ifuen pay for his sins.

She called her dear friend Marylin and explained all her woes to her. Marylin listened keenly and then told her that she knew some one who could make all her problems go away. That person lived at least two hundred kilometers away. If she was truly interested then they would have to reach there at first light. Marylin told her that the person they were going to see was a seer and a medium. Without any second thoughts she agreed. They were to leave on that weekend.

Finally she would have found a cure to all the madness raging on in her homestead and fixed it. Killing two birds with one stone. Francesca was frazzled.

Time passed rather quickly. The weekend had arrived. Francesca was nervous. She did not have a clue to where they were going. Marylin had insisted that they should go with her car. The thought of having someone else behind the wheels always sickened her. She had no other option but to abide by Marylin’s terms. Francesca wore black denim jeans that matched with her white long sleeved that had speckles of gold at the sleeves. She had put on converse shoes for convinience. Marylin on the other hand had an aqua blue tank top that matched with black yoga pants. She had black sketchers on her feet.
Marylin picked her up at ungodly hours. It was pitch black dark. There were no cars on the road as they snaked their way from the village towards the highway. Francesca had no idea of where they were going. Cool jazz music played softly through the car’s stereo. They both sang along. With windows rolled down and the chilly air breezing alongside they both felt free. Free birds they were. The stars in the sky made them think about different things that made them happy.

Francesca hoped that the first light and new dawn would bring good tidings and fortunes to her and her family.

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