First Time.

FB_IMG_14973305051681956.jpgThe first time I jumped into her pool and it felt really nice. She wrapped her long legs around me when it was getting dark and I held on tight. Lying on her, bed the unfamiliar sheets felt so cool on my skin. Going home, I felt that first impression when we walked the long way home like it was I was in love. But it never cut deep like the first time.

Hold up!

I appreciate the journey that you guys have been with me since the inception of when I decided to rack up all my nerves into this. Yes! It’s been a couple of months. I’ve written a lot. Some about me, others have been fictional. All depends with how the calabash breaks. But all in all would you recognise when it breaks? I recall when I first began. I was a bit scared, sceptical, not sure of how I’d begin my first sentences. I’d stammer in my mind. In the realm I’d fight so hard to achieve and strive to be alive, it was the only solace I’d feel free. There’s always a first time for everything. I haven’t reached the equilibrium point. Not yet at least. But I’m glad on the few strides I’ve made. No one gives an effing cent if you decide to begin your sentences with “and”, “but” or whichever manner you’d decide. It only takes the first few words to begin and you’d be a free soul from there on.

I don’t want to talk about me today. There’s another time for that to happen. There’s something sweet that happens within me whenever I pen down my  articles and thoughts to you. It doesn’t matter from whichever race you come from or which cultural lines you bound to. It doesn’t matter my brethren and sisters.

Not at all. 

I want to take the long walk with you. The ones that give me purpose to this writings. Whenever I’d know I’d reach to many of you and you’d relate to what you going through my writings.
Let me know of what you going through in your day to day life. Reach out to many others. Touch someone’s heart and be the first one to create a smile or be part of the life changing moment scenes in their various years. We all have our own insignificance but tell me how your day has been in the comment section.

I’d really appreciate.

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  1. Julius says:

    My friend, you are good. you gave me the blog address during a project evaluation meeting at CICC Mombasa County office. Be blessed. Julius

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