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All men are not created equal. Some are born swifter afoot, some with greater beauty. Some are born into poverty; and others are born sick and feeble. Both in birth and in upbringing, in sheer scope of ability, every human is inherently different! Yes, that is why people discriminate against one another, which is why there is struggle, competition, and the unfaltering march of progress! Inequality is not wrong, equality is!

Welcome to the world of casual sexuality. Whereby consent is the new love. Love is expensive, but the sex is free. You might be wondering what I imbibed on today being a bloody weekend.

At some point we all chase happiness. The pursuit of happiness that makes humans do all manner of crazy things. It’s nothing special. Only humble wishes which are simply natural to any human. Women would want men who are experienced when it comes to matters of bedminton and whatever game that is played between the sheets. Lights on or off, I really wouldn’t care if they are flickering. But our bodies also needs some sort of thanksgiving in a way, isn’t it?

Some have commercialized it, while others have made a belief of it. Sex.

You had a recent break up. One got used to the regular sex they were getting back then while they had an affection with their so called partner who decided to bolt. The urges came, so what? You won’t buy a cucumber and shove it down, not an upright moral setting. Right? As for the guy, there’s no need for jerking off every now and then, isn’t it?

This cute girl in your DM been sending texts and video calls all the time demanding for your attention. All your exes seem to come back for a rematch. That leaves you emotionally drained. So you decide to cut off contacts with them. You want to try something new with somebody new. A chance you are so willing to give but you wouldn’t dare step into the lines of love, cause you’re afraid of getting hurt.

The only part of your body which seems to be in coordination with your mind, is the guy down there. I should add an emoji laughter. Damn. Who wants to get hurt? A casual friends with benefit or a no strings attached is decided between the two of you. She wants you to open up to her. That wasn’t the terms of agreement. So you decide to quit. She wants to be friends. Your pride and ego wouldn’t allow that either. Three months down the line she gets married. A card is sent by you. Courtesy of your whiskey and little man below.

With time your sexuality evolved. As the evolutions happened within you, your sexual liaisons took different forms as you progressed. The current you doesn’t need emotional commitment when it comes to sex.

Casual sex is no longer limited to one night stands as you discover. The sex between you and your exes fizzled out because the emotional baggage was too much to bare.

This would lead to aggravating a past relationship or a breakup. One reason that leads into casual sex is; search for conjugality without the necessary pressures of falling into a committed emotionally relationship. This goes both way. It’s 2018. Both parties are responsible for their actions. Such normalies occurs within singles from a breakup or married couples who think their sex life is dull.

With casual sex, we both know that we are not each other’s priority. We only booty calls towards our inner selves. That aside. We could also be running other successful relationships outside the configuration. Yes, I said it. I’ll face the yellow elephant in the room. We aren’t saints after all. We’ll burn in the eternal fire for one deed or the other.

And if you see your partner misbehaving. You’ll have to terminate it at some point. All you wanted was to get laid severally. Otherwise we would all flock to all those seedy parts of town, like Sabina Joy, Odeon, and Somerset for some fireworks. Damn whores would make aliving out of you. Never open up about your feelings for each other. Wrong move bro. Wrong. Love won’t correct it either.

All in all just know what you getting yourself into. It might spring up something beautiful or a regret that would stick with you for a couple of years. Maybe perhaps under the influence of alcohol. A bright side to this also exists. If you performed more than your reputation, it might lead into something great.

It’s really likely if a lady engages in casuaity and easily moves on if she feels that she doesn’t like the attraction between her and the fire works guy. Such a lady is in control of her sexuality. And we men will be treated like cats. She’ll stroke you. Call you, “nyau, nyau, nyau” and you’ll go running then she strokes your furs and you’ll get comfortable. You’ll rest your head. Then she’ll strike you with a knuckle. Your furs had been allover her. Betray you’d feel. “Run and never return”, will play in your head. Like when Simba was a cub, when he got chased out of pride land with the hyenas who were his uncles cronies.

This woman will have full control of her sexuality, and will feel the desire and fulfill without getting carried away by it or feeling shamed about it.

Most of this hullabaloo ends up with one party tilting over emotionally and the cause would be jealousy, or one would steer it up in some romantical borders.

“Hey, hey? Do you know why the snow is white?”, they asked.

” Because the snow forgot what colour it was.”, I answered back.

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