Earth Weeps At Her State.

Some nights I sleep soundly, other nights it’s usually a struggle. I have to make 700 turns, chant incantations, make sacrifices to the old gods before sleep finally comes. Waking up early has never been an issue despite me having weird sleeping patterns. The heat in this wretched city is unbearable. It is close to five months now since we last saw ‘real rains.’ Not this rains that pour down for twenty minutes only to entice mother Earth and leave her horny without any form of coolant. They say hell hath no fury like a scorned woman – that is when the earth decides to bring out the heat she had been harboring for long on to hapless citizens.

At times I tend to think God took his people to heaven and left us to burn in hell. It is becoming unbearable day by day. May be this is our judgment and God decided to turn up the heat levels. Okay jokes aside for now. Global warming is here with us. I remember back then in my haydays whem my mind was still young; I’d hear that various leaders would meet at summits and discuss about climate change. I never thought that it would affect me or rather the common person somewhere in East Africa. All I knew was that there was a change in climate and temperatures. The sea levels were rising and glaciers were melting at an alarming rate. My ignorance led me to believe that these things happened in Europe or in the white man countries. We don’t have snow in our lands apart from the mountain peaks.

In the quest of having better futures, economies and livelihoods we plunged ourselves into deep gluttony and greed. We cut down the trees and charred them so that we could get charcoal and timber. We never cared about reforestation. We expanded our lands. We wanted more. That more came at an expense. We dug into land that was conserved for the forests. Due to dubious means and money greasing a few palms the authorities looked at the other direction oblivious of what was happening. Other countries had taken steps to counter measure climate change. They favoured the use of electric cars over the ones that used fuels. Inventions were being made to machines so that they could reduce the emissions of CO2 in the air as much as possible. Strict policies were made in regards to the omissions.

Many countries passed the law that banned people cutting down of trees. One had to have a certificate from the state that allowed them to practice logging down at a certain percentage. People had began to become mindful of their environment.

Where I’m I going this?

My closet mostly consists of black and grey attire and dark shades of navy blue. But I can’t enjoy them due to this heat.

What if we hadn’t cut down trees? Would our hills and lands still look beautiful? Would we be having severe cases of drought and hunger? Would we have to be pissed off when the media stations decide to show of how hunger is rummaging our northern part of the country while we are here thinking all is well? Would our brothers and sisters have to walk for long distances just to fetch muddy waters? What of the community that prides itself in having huge herds of animals? Aren’t they at a loss especially when they see their cows, goats and sheeps grow thin and die?

Water has become scarce, the lands are barren. The various attempts made at irrigation have either stalled or the monies miraculously found a way into the deep coffers of a few individuals. Our people are dying, crying for help, holding their little ones who suckle onto their mother’s breasts yet nothing comes out of them.

I only hear in the news that other counties have received plenty of rains. Some of which have turned disastrous. Instead of having to go through the never ending cycle of drought and floods, why don’t we make use of that curse and turn it into a blessing?

Why not have water pans? Then convert it into an irrigation scheme. Even if it’s on a small scale matter. We can begin from somewhere. I’m no farmer nor a meterologist but I’m concerned about the climate change.

Plant a tree. Trees bring a difference. They attract rains and give us shade. Us for now, I have to be contented with the surging heat levels and have the bunker on at all times.

I hope it will rain soon so that I can get out of this misery.

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