Drunk In Lust.

There are messages when they appear on your screen you know you won’t reply. Maybe you will delete them. Or maybe you will bluetick them. You can also decide to grey tick them. But there are messages when they appear you’d automatic want to reply them.

It is a Saturday night. You are in a house party. One of those parties that began along the lines of, “let us just chill context, with a few bottles of whiskeys and a bottle of Bourbon.” Maybe you are one of those people who don’t prefer going out on a weekend. You don’t like the noise that comes with clubbing and endless amounts of alcohol. Which might mean you are a member of the Lord’s house. You dress well, go to church on Sunday and listen to a man who will preach the word of God. Or maybe you are the type that prefers going out on a random spree on weekends. That would mean you automatically drink. You are far fetched from God’s ways. But today you are at a house party.

Plenty of girls in the room are drunk. Some have let loose and others are busy gyrating their bodies to men who have no businesses being their boyfriends. Some whisper into each others ear incorrigible things. Things that are in between the boundaries of lust and insatiable hunger, or love. You never know. These drunk girls will jump across the room. Sit on peoples laps and lap dance on them. Kisses would be exchanged here and there. False bravados and machismos of how they are going to rock each others worlds in acts of carnal pleasures. Everyone is lost in their fun. A maze and myriad of hedonistic pleasures fills the air. The room reaks of lust, whiskey and smoke. Smoke that even hell would seem like a childs play. Pills would be popped. Taking each to exotic erozine levels.

A girl will come to you. She will stretch her hand to you. You will pick it up and she will pull you up from your chair. She will pull you close for an embrace. Then she will whisper to your ears, “you are cute, and I have been eyeing you for the past one hour. Cometh and make this worthwhile.” She will tell you that she wants to dance. But you have two left feet. You will tell her that you are not good in dancing. But instead she will make you a better offer. She will make you sit back on your chair. She will come on top of you. She will lap dance for you. She’ll gyrate her body against your groins. Your member would be screaming bloody hell.

Your mind will be on a race course like a formula one car in the Dubai Grand Prix. This girl on top of you will push her dress back slightly higher than usual. That act would reveal voluptuous thighs in fishnets. You have always been a sucker for fishnets. You can finally feel the stars begin to align. The gods must have smiled upon you because one of the fetishes in your bucket list is about to be fulfilled. She feels your member becoming hard, and she will skip, then get off you and leads you to the center of the room. She will arch her back and sway her hips in a sexual manner. And you will go with the flow. Like the River Euphrates how it snakes its way across Europe.

In your head. You are sure that boundaries would be crossed. You’re on the edge of a cliff. Between sanity and the point of no return. You are not sure if you have condoms. But your mind isn’t thinking about that. It has been on autopilot mode since she lap danced for you like the way a stripper does to her patrons. You want to savour the moment. You want to feel everything. She will stop dancing with you and she’ll hold your hand. She will lead you to a table. A table that is full of sheesha pots. She will smoke. Sh will hand you the pipe, and you’ll take it. You will smoke. You will choke after the first lungful but you will get it right the second time. You can feel a rush of blood to your head. Cells working overtime not to get fatigued. A feeling of euphoria will wash your whole body.

“You want to feel something better?” She will say.


She will take you to another spot within the room. She’ll give you a pill.

M”What is it?”


“X what?”

“Get lost in the world with me. Both worlds I have to offer you. Let’s escape the reality for a moment.”

You swallow the pill. You feel abit hazy at first. Then the euphoria, and the rush of adrenaline surging through your body. You can’t capture the fraction of the minute when you smoked sheesha or took the ecstasy pill. But you feel good. You feel as if you flying through time. You feel hammered. Happy for a fleeting moment. You haven’t felt that good in a long while. Loud music is blaring. But that doesn’t seem noise to you. You are just happy. Your dignity has shed off its skin just like the way a snake does. You are in a mating playground. Both of you dancing, kissing like the musical chairs you are. Your eyes dash across the room. People are making out in corners and darkness. Some have been left by their better halfs. You know by the time the sun comes around, there would be terrible regrets and breakups. Good girls transformed into farmtools. Naive boys, breaking off their virginities and the likes.

You left your girlfriend home. You do not carry her around when you go to sin and bask in the midnight sun of your demonic ways. Why take water to a river? You are not sure of who is foolproofing who.

All you know is that it would be a struggle to remember her name in the morning when both of you will be laying naked when you wake up. She will be just like those faceless girls you meet and your body count is raking too high. You will remember the freaky sex and the good times. But not their names nor faces.

She kisses you once more and takes your hand and guides it up her thighs. Her hands will hold your member that is visibly erect. And she will say, “why don’t we find some secluded place and finish what we’ve began?”

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  1. Rodgers says:

    Well versed, the things we go through

  2. Ash says:

    Uuhlalalaaaaaa..I love the suspense!

    1. Amwadeghu says:

      happens every weekend

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