I think they should add a little bit of chilli to the biryani. We clan members don’t stay put in one place. Of course we wouldn’t want to harm others with our shenanigans while we are smoking. We all have different degrees and diploma’s to the various levels of madness in our minds. They’d have to cover their noses and waft away the air which would be pregnant full of nicotine.

Hi, my name’s December. The last born of the Gregorian calendar. Most people claim they love me, but I guess they are just in love with my lifestyle that accompanies various hedonistic forms. At least I don’t pretend to be. I’m not the month of love. Nope. Never been my thing. I don’t know why they have to hold wedding’s in my holy birth month. I have no qualms about that though.

I just like the feeling of being free and living my life lighting up every cell of my mind. I like how I’m always relaxed and laid back. Imagine all the people having to toil through different phases and stages only to come and have their joys and rewards given to them in my temple.

Wait a minute.

I’ve always been the wayward child. I’d always go to the supermarket to get some cereals but would end up waking up in a different town. That is the fun of it, surrendering to your deepest fantasies and urges of the thrill.

Normally I’d say welcome to Paradise. But this is paradise.

Here I go, I’d change the paths of those who lost their ways. Tears come and go. It’s a time to rejoice now. Besides the world’s Messiah would pop in a few weeks from now. I’m here to guide you out of the darkness and into the light. Make your peace before you say your goodbyes from this year. Don’t let her depart without setting things right.
I made my peace. I made peace from all the hardships that my brothers and sisters cost me. I’d want to see everyone alive by the end of the year when I’d wake deep from my slumber and hand you over the gifts. It’s a bit saddening when I can’t meet some of you anymore. Hence we have to celebrate the memories we would have shared.

Besides that they always said I was the crooked and mischievous child. Mischievous in the sense that I’d always have a way to convince you to part with your hard earned cent in the name of having fun. But what is fun if it’s all work and no play?

Sucks, right?

The world is always ready for me. I’m always ready for you guys though I wouldn’t want to be a part of your foolishness that arises from too much imbibing of whatever concoctions one would have taken. I would not take credit for that. My name would live long through many generations. But only remembered because people are always high for a number of reasons. It’s always a good time.

I’d have to take a step outside and light a stick of cancer. After all I only have thirty one days. It’s the time to look good, act pretentious for the sissies, paint nails and pout lips with various shades of colors for the ladies, buy new clothes and expensive bottles of alcohol.

Thank God, Jesus you were born in Bethlehem and not in some lost country full of whiskey driven lads.

In the few weeks I’d be around it’d be okay if one would want to perfect their ratchet ways. It’s okay to live the fantasy and free your mind. Dry your tears and smile. See the sun and enjoy your hard earned cash.

I’m only here for a good time. Not for a long time.

P.s: Happy New December Everyone. I’d be off writing for a week or two. The holidays are here. Happy Seasons everyone.

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