Every morning I wake up a little bit fatigued. It’s like as if someone harangues me in my dreams. The mornings seem longer than usual. Day breaks rather quiet early and whenever the clock strikes 7 in the morning, I tend to drop the curtains to avoid direct confrontation with the sun. I stay in bed a little too long. At times I’m devoid of sleep, other times I’m just hangovers after a long night of coding. My steps are slow when I get out of bed. I’d sigh a thousand times when I’d be making breakfast.

I haven’t ridden for a while (it’s a motorcycle for Pete’s sake). I haven’t exercised for eons despite the doctor recommending it everytime I pay him a visit. I have been busy with work, studies, research, and all manner of things that would bring the bucks home.

For the past one week I’ve just been staring at the blank screen. There’s no energy whatsoever. And whenever I think of a sentence to start, my focus shifts on something else. I can’t blame the sherehe vibe that this month has given me despite having final exams and deadlines to beat. October passed by like a blur. The October babies did their month justice. There was something different about November; it was hectic full of work schedules, random travels, rendezvousing with old pals, mending bridges where they were burned. Some nights were whiskey ladened ones, other nights were just okay working deep into the ungodly hours.

The year has been both good and bad to me. I still want to travel and fill my heart’s desires. A lot of interesting things happened. This space saw tremendous support from you guys. I appreciate it. I did finish the books I was writing but for one reason or the other I’m yet to publish them on the bookstore. I have been an active biker lately. They said four wheels moves the body but two wheels moves the soul. There’s the truth in that. I almost got serious with someone but fate had other plans.

It was sad when I lost my uncle. He was one of the very few who did make a follow up. May his soul rest in power. It was a tough time.

That aside, the hens should becoming home anytime now to roost. The thoughts of getting a family lately have been crossing my mind. I do push them back at times, but the urge grows stronger day by day. Perhaps it’s time to settle and bring someone’s daughter home don’t you think? Whenever mother holds a young child she would call and ask when she’d be holding her grandchild. It seems I’m not getting out of this one anytime soon.

I’ll be closing the space for my December holidays soon enough. Whatever questions you have been wanting to ask, I’ll gladly answer. We can interact in the comments section. As for now, let me replenish the contents of the glass and get back to my coding.

The books are still on sale, and you can also purchase Amwadeghu tees for only a thousand bob. You can make your payments via the till number. Christmas comes early. Ho-ho-ho.

Amwadeghu Blog is also accepting support from M-Pesa. 5338319 is the till number. Whichever the amount will be gladly appreciated to keep this space running. The quill needs ink to run on.

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  1. Keke says:

    Nice piece broo kudos…


    very funny! And good piece of writing.
    For the tees are they free size? How many colours are there?
    Once I have paid how do I collect?

    1. Amwadeghu says:

      Large and extra Large, I currently have white and black colors. Once paid, for those in Nrb they can collect their tees from a central pick up point.

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