Death of Tech


They say African restaurants hang pictures of food they can’t cook. Have y’all seen barbershops and salons? Welcome to our mad city where if you point out a certain fault or give positive criticism, you wil be gladly sold a chair that would help you sit out and mind your own business.

Then there comes the tech world. What irks me is whether and when we are ever going to talk about the fraud that’s happening with the opposite gender when it comes to the tech world.

Before you hurl stones, let me make something clear, I am in no way atfacking anybody, I am simply stating an observation I have made. And as we all know everyone is entitled to their opinion. In the past few months I’ve noticed a certain trend that is quite becoming a fashionable norm. Hair enthusiasts /hair v/bloggers are now reviewing smartphones. I have no problem with them doing that, but shouldn’t they do a little research atleast and know what they’re showcasing? Having a little knowledge saves the face from being daft. They should talk about the phones RAM, it’s internal storage capacity, the battery properties among many other features. They could even talk about cores or processors and inform us of the android/iOS features the phone has. It also wouldn’t hurt to compare other phones to that particular phone using the aforementioned. Are the features of this phone making it more advantageous than say another phone?
I’d really be happy and excited if they went an extra mile and read about tech so as to report their findings on the products they’re showcasing. Apart from the empowerment and conferences it wouldn’t hurt to be more intellectual.

I’m quite saddened by the fact that there is no sufficient research done and most know nothing of the products they’re reviewing. When you mention something, you will be seen as someone who is against female empowerment. The gender coin is always flipped to create some sort of femi-powerment in tech groups. Happens all the time. In addition to that, you find that others are leveraging it for grants and funds.

Their tools of trade seem abit shanty; uncountable WhatsApp groups, Twitter threads that come with myriads of perfectly angled selfies at events and zillions of Google documents for collaborating on God knows what. I’m not saying that our opposite gender are dumb when it comes to tech. Nope. I have met some women who are worthy challengers and are making great strides in the technological fields.

My main aim is to encourage them to give us better content on whatever product they’re showcasing. To do better research, we need to be objective. I think it’s abit shallow to review a phone based on things like for example the camera pixels and selfie quality, scratch resistant screen just to name a few.

At times I think the people reviewing them tend to be forced to follow certain scripts/styles that doesn’t fit them or the things that they dont really care about, just because they trying to be what the audience expects of them.

What I can say is that it is utterly bollocks to open a vlog about a phone review expecting to hear about the cores, user interface, operating systems and the likes only to hear, “get stunning photos and selfies with this 16megapixel phone with face beauty enhancement.” Most people though really don’t give a crap about qualitative information. They just rush to buy when they know how good the camera is, length of charge, storage space all against pricing.

I was totally baffled sometime back when someone once said that their phone had two 12megapixel cameras and that they could be merged to produce a 24megapixel snap. I was shook. We love content when it comes to tech but not the art of seduction.

In tech ladies and gentlemen, it all narrows down to content, good research and a well documented plan. We normally don’t allow ourselves to get seduced by some vlogs. We don’t read and watch content because it’s from a lady. Nope, we read and watch anything from both genders if they are well documented and have good content.

To the ladies that are doing great work in the tech field,cheers to you.

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