Dear Broken Person.

To The Broken Person,

Hi. We do not know each other, we are just two people passing in the night. Even though I have never met you, I wanted to say that I understand. I understand how difficult these moments are for you. I see how hard you are trying even when no one seems to notice you. I see how strong you are during the day and how you break down during the nights. Maybe because you are lonely, or maybe you wish someone was there to see how messed up your life is. You need or wish someone to care and notice the burden you are carrying.

You are never truly alone even if it seems so. Some battles you will have to face and fight them yourself. That is how you will grow. And I believe in you. You will be the strongest, most kind person anyone has ever met. Not everyone will tell you that. You leave marks on folk’s lives.

Not everyone will appreciate it at the moment, but they will remember it like clockwork. You will be loved for the most beautiful soul I have ever seen you. I know that, because even if I have not met you, I have seen the inside of your heart. And you are good, amazing, and everything people wish to be. I also like you for that. Don’t let people’s coldness change you. Please never question yourself, you already know the answers and your intuition is always right. How can a good heart ever be wrong? It’s not fair right? You fight battles and demons that are much bigger than you and problems you should not have at such a tender age, or maybe ever.

Hang in there, little warrior. You are loved.


A stranger who understands.

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  1. Maggie says:

    Wow,that’s so encouraging.keep up with the good work

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