Quarantine – Day 14

Day 14,

Things do not sound that bad here so far – not like in some other places I know that they are fighting to scoop for points in the highly anticipated cup of Curfew Cohesion Ke, in the news. But there have been cases. Heck there have been cases since the 12th of March. Of course no one seems to be taking it seriously. The supermarket’s traffic and supply situation seemed normal enough, apart from a few one or two rogue days that everybody rushed out to buy kilograms and kilograms of toilet paper. Easy folks, COVID-19 does not spread through the alimentary canal, unless all those dozens of tissues stacks are used to play limbo. Well, except for the cart that I have filled to the brim, the cashier serving me did not say a single word.

But her eyes clearly said, “Look at this crazy guy, look how paranoid he is about what some people perceive as noise and fuss for nothing. Yet he has no care in the world.” Well, missus, I cannot afford to take any damn chances.

This is why you might be seeing this, in fact, it is only a small portion of my preparations. They said this quarantine thing would turn you into either a creative person or a bozo. It would make you a chef or rather you will turn out to be the greatest drunk of the century which isn’t essentially that bad. Unfortunately some souls would turn into both. Some would use the whiskey or wine in some recipe which will turn just out great. We have to keep in mind the curfew that our government placed.

One would have to be home by 7 in the evening or risk getting clobbered. We have seen numerous ads and campaigns about sanitizing ourselves. Veggies, eggs, juice, sausages, juice, and mostly stuff that goes bad faster could not have been bought in bulk when the first wave of death rippled across the world. And started to hit the news. But because I’m in this for the long haul, nothing has been closed yet. Hold up, wait schools have been closed, guys have to endure their nagging wives and screaming braggarts while working from home. The government isn’t really mandating anything apart from, “wash your hands, and clobbering people senselessly past the curfew hours.”

Day 12 of quarantine had a match against curfew Vs our citizens’. The curfew won the match after the referee consulted the VAR and waved play on. Few estates racked up the bragging rights by having run-ins with the police. Day 2 was a bit merciful. The weather changed from clear skies to cloudy grey skies and to finally rain pouring down.

Yesterday was day 13 of quarantine and day 2 of curfew, but I’m not going to wait for the government. I’m taking all the three months I have racked up. I know it is not enough or anywhere near. I’m set up to go on a lot longer than that. If shit hits the fan, that would be the least of my worries. As per now, I know this pandemic will not end by mid-April as most people think. Brace up for tough times, the numbers are about to get racked up.

As for me? I’m only one hour away before day 14 of quarantine ends. I do not know of the other upcoming days. What I know though is that my hands have consumed more alcohol than my innards in the past few weeks, which really is not a bad thing. This self-isolating moment has turned me into an explorer of some sort. I discovered new recipes. Tried and put to test. Lol, a ninja knew how to make ice cream and other exotic dishes.

During this time my first book was out on sale on amazon. That was 24th March this year. It is titled Boonies. It currently retails at $3.99 or 467 Kshs which is inclusive of VAT.

Do not get clobbered while running endless battles with the police, but instead purchase your copy at Amazon and expand your horizon as you flip through the pages of it. Read more while you are on quarantine. Remember to sanitize and keep a social distance.

My quarantine period is almost over when some are beginning theirs. I am quite getting accustomed to this social distancing thingy. I know it would be hard to meet beautiful people with the most interesting stories out there. But if you do have one just email me and we can always have that interview via the phone.

In God, We Trust and God help our country out of this pandemic as we turn our eyes to the heavens. Drinking alcohol though does not protect you from the Corona virus.

Over and out.

Photo Credits: Maryaja Mamushkar

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  1. john msagha says:

    Sa ka kuna kitabu pia sisi wenye hatuna habari za amazon hatuwezi pata

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