Dawida Chronicles- Chapter 1


Two Days before Le’fools,

Day One,


March 30th 2019,

Voi – Taveta County

There are three men in a car christened Bidii. It is a Toyota Platz to be precise. Inside that car there’s a man in his early sixties – Kraun and his son – Saitama in his early thirties. There’s an ongoing banter and jokes in that Bidii car that affects the third person a barely 26 year “Mwakina” Krete. He is slightly slim and full of witty remarks. He is seated on the back left. The seatbelt he has around him resembles him carrying a satchel bag. The joke is that Mwakina’s mother met with the god of hunger and destruction while she was on her way from the forest once, way back when she was a virgin and put Mwakina into her while she was in her hay days.

“I think that is a satirical insult to women.”

Kraun mentions, but it is not taken seriously because Mwakina does not seem to mind it. “At least the god of hunger gave his demi-god child an appetite that no man can rival.” He chuckles. The car occasionally sways from side to side. It is light in nature. Saitama rolled down his window and cursed at the shoddy workmanship done by the county government when it came to the road conditions leading towards their village. They had earlier gone to Voi town to run some errands and pick up Mwakina who had arrived from the southern part of the country.

Mwakina: It has been almost a year since I visited these parts.

Saitama: I can’t wait to reach home and have a chat with Lady Tusker.

Kraun: You like them ladies cold or warm?

Mwakina: Saitama would not know what to do with a warm one if it crawled up is bed and called him “dzaddy”.

A raucous laughter arises from the occupants in the Bidii car. Just then Kraun swerves the car to the left avoiding a near oncoming vehicle that was being driven on the wrong lane of the road leaving dust in its trail. Kraun pulled over and cursed at the mad driver who had disappeared from the rear view mirror.

Mwakina: Did you see that? I mean, the road is too wide. Why the buffoonery?

The dust settles and the journey to the village continues. Mwakina grins happily as he enjoys he scenery that rushes by. He is truly intrigued. He is home. This is where his heart belongs. The scent of fresh air brings back a nostalgic memory of when he was young back then.

Saitama: Just another day in the village Mwakina. Everything seems different because you’ve been away from home for a long time. Just another day in the office.

One Hour Later




The sky has been splashed with various assortment of colours. Shades of blue mixed with hues of orange and figments of lilac and violet fills the sky as the sun sets. It is a beautiful view as the setting sun says goodbye to the hilly surroundings.

Saitama is cast as a silhouette as he sits in the balcony facing the distant sun as it disappears behind the hills. He has his lady in hand. He is pleased that Mwakina finally heeded his calls. It took Kraun’s intervention to make Mwakina come home. The homestead is full of activities. Sefu herds the goats back to the Marandu (place where goats sleep).

The door opens and comes Kraun and Mwakina talking of what they know best. Kraun is in a happy mood. He is in a sleeveless shirt and the front part is a bit sweaty. He is holding the keys that power up the Bidii car. All three loathe it and love it in equal measure. It is there means of moving from point A to B without having to greet plenty of people.

Kraun: I have to take Bidii back to the owner.

Mwakina: Uncle is coming to pick it up?

Kraun: I’m going to pick him up from the market centre then comeback with him before he proceeds to where he knows best.

Saitama: I’m just glad we’re here all together.

Kraun: Mwakina, “kwarikunde ra modo angu ra mbeo? Kushowe frijini na kusekote kina.” (Do you want them warm or cold? You can pick your selection at the fridge. And do not go digging holes everywhere).

Mwakina: Wele siwekoa vina ingi nechi. Niashowa ija ikwaini na modo kidogo uwu. (There’s no holes that can be dug around. I’ll prefer a warm one that comes with a heartbeat).

Saitama: Kama ni io, apa ndeudima kukutesea aho. (If it’s that, then pops won’t be able to help you.

Mwakina shuts the door behind him and sits next to Saitama. He places his phone and Bluetooth speaker besides him and fetches a bottle from the nearby crate which he opens with his teeth and gurgles down a generous portion down.

Mwakina: Yasinga shuuu sana. Ata kama oka wa modo na ndeuna ngolo. (It tastes refreshing even if it is warm and heartless). Either way, that will do.

Saitama: Help yourself lad.

Mwakina: Hey Saitama,

Saitama: Yeah?

Mwakina: This thing, do you think we’ll ever have a get together as we used to do back then when we were kids?

Saitama finishes his beer places the empty bottle back to the crate and fetches another one and opens it.

Saitama: Ever heard of the prodigals story?

Mwakina: It has sex in it?

Saitama: (Laughs) No you fool.

Mwakina: Then I have not heard of it.

Saitama: You’re really hopeless at times. Anyway it is a village in our locality. One of those villages in the hilly areas where everybody is poor even though it is green.

Mwakina: Including them girls?

Saitama: Will I tell my story or I let you finish for me?

Mwakina puts his hand in a mock surrender and tells him to finish his story.

Saitama: Up there, those village women walk for long kilometres back home with their ten and twenty litre jerry cans weighing heavily on their heads, shoulders and backs. The young men decide to go to the city in search of better pastures. So one day the government in conjunction with the EU decide to set up a trading centre and a huge big well so that they can put an end to the annual communal village to city migration and end the suffering of the sweet babes. The ladies never used the damn well and the guys still did their migration often falling to the grandeur of the city lifestyle. They insisted on their own ways. Turns out that the men’s lack of interest in the trading centre was because they wanted to think out of the box and see new places while the women still used the river so that they could link up. It was all they had.

Mwakina: And?

Saitama stares into the direction that the sun has just set.

Saitama: I’m not saying anything Mwakina. Use that brain of yours like a normal person.

About seven hundred metres North East of their location is a pub which played loud music. The pub was full of boda riders, probox/sienta drivers talking and holding beers as some sipped their beers. There were women who looked easy and appealing to the eye. Kraun had Saitama and asked him if he could get a couple of bottles to pass the night.

Saitama: Let us take a stroll to Kidum’s pub. It seems lively.

Mwakina: Sure. Let’s go.

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