D for Dabrio.





It’s the second week of Njaanuary and I’ve already thrown my resolutions to the wind. Hold up. It’s January. I really don’t know about the above Njaanuary month which peeps keep yelling about. I’m at a certain famous mall and it’s 1700hrs. My order finally comes through, a shawarma and some fries. Sigh, God knows I won’t be hitting the gymnasium anytime soon. I avoid, rather avert my gaze from everyone’s else’s to avoid their judgment on my choice of food. I head out to the balcony and choose a sweet spot at the near end, and watch the traffic below sweeping by as the wind blows on my face. The sun lets out its last rays to shimmer on my face before it wanders off to rest. There are plenty pretty people who I’d love to talk to, but unfortunately my thoughts were in some other place. I thought I saw the lady of my dreams in a Cerulean polka dress. It looked good on her but I wasn’t sure if it drew out the perfect colour of her eyes or her dimpled cheeked smile.

I knew it wasn’t my day when I overheard a young father arguing with his wife; I might presume that the current school their kid was enrolled in wasn’t good for him. How did I know that? The kid kept saying D for Dabrio,……… Our Father who thou at in Heaven gave me strength that made me refrain from laughing my entire larynx out.

A guy then sat opposite me with a one litre bottle of whiskey. I thought of him taking that there, it being a family joint and all but I saw no problem. It was well past Mututho times, so why not?

Two tables on my right were two children, not old nor young. Was hard to guess their age. They were busy yapping over some lyrics of some song. Atleast it was not these irate vulgar music masked with good beats. They had this kinky afro hair which spilled over their shoulders like bubbly raging waterfall. I guess they were twins. Such hair wouldn’t be found among our various sisters unless,……………

One table on my 12 o’clock sat three dudes. One of the three dudes looks completely hammered. Drinking level: Sensei, Guy number two was in official attire and he had donned some expensive glasses. He looked presentable. Guy number three was in a casual official attire. It was hard to judge his character. I decided to move from my table and went and joined theirs. After all it was not fair to eat my food in solitude.

“You mind if I joined you guys?” I asked. The three pairs of eyes looked at me instantly. I kind of seemed to interrupt their banter. Guy 2 & 3 didn’t seem to mind. I pulled a chair and placed my food on the table. I sat close to Sensei. He was utterly pleased when the waitress brought another additional elixir close to him. His eyes glowed and his mouth salivated. Seemed like this guy would be an excellent liquor taster. His work would be clocking in at 0730hrs and clocking out at 1600hrs after sampling various brands and at times he would carry additional work home.

Guy 2 seemed to be texting some pretty girldem. Maybe choosing an emoji to finish off his cheeky lines. Guy three who seemed abit ease and relaxed then he asked a question out of the blue. “Got kids?” He spoke with an accent that suggested he went to a Group Of Schools. “Nope,” I said, “You?” I asked. He said he didn’t have. He took a long look at the twins and said they are beautiful.

A 5’8 woman in a black short dress that had a slit that stopped slightly above her knees showing her left inner thigh came to our table. She wore stunners. The type of stunners that suggested that they were expensive accessories. She then removed her stunners and shot dagger looks at Sensei (guy number one) and motioned for the twins to come over. Her skin was caramel in colour. She had long lashes and her brown eyes were almond shaped . Her hair had a close resemblance to the twins’ hairs.

“Having an evening mojitto before you trot home?” She asked. Guy two and three looked away and avoided her gaze. Sensei stammered, he got tongue tied. It never occurred to me that the twins father was Sho’Sensei. “You could have at least dropped Neyonda and Cassandra home before you went on your normal drinking spree.” Her choice of words, full of concern yet laced with malice. I focused on my shawarma which was growing cold. Ain’t no parent, and wouldn’t act like I was better at parenting other peoples kids.

“Mamaaaa, mamaaa” both kids came running to her. “Can we go home now?”It’s getting dark and we’re sleepy.”
“Yes, we’ll go home.” She said.
She turned around and the twins were on each of her side holding her hands.

As they were leaving, one turned around, looked at me, flashed a toothy smile and said, “Hi stranger, I’m Neo and the shy one is Cassie. Pleased to meet you sir.”

She spoke eloquently. Atleast she didn’t say D for Dabrio.

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  1. Justina Nyambu says:

    Have read both pieces.  D for Dabrio is a funny one! I looked for the good ending for the 88,000 of shit and missed it. I think one of the issues is that you gave yourself a name while previously you referred to yourself as “me”.Your website must change. Why don’t you engage Kevo to help you with it? Of course you will have to pay him….even if he is a rela…..guy must earn his coin!

    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

    1. Amwadeghu says:

      I have talked with Kevo about it and we are to hit an agreement before the month ends. The 88,000 is a sequel which I’d be releasing every week, a happy ending it will have. That aside,…… There’s more. And I appreciate your critique big time.

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