Cradles Profanities.

This pandemic understandably has been rough for everyone. Being inside was hard, seeing my family sick was rough, and dealing with it alone was backbreaking. The beginning was hard. That’s when in March I took a chance, I downloaded Tinder. I had never had any inclination to download it before but the loneliness compelled me.

I swiped for a couple days, just swiping into the void.Then I found you. We matched and I sent over a random comment of a picture. I was surprised you responded, we exchanged numbers and so it began. At first the feeling out period was strange. It’s a pandemic and we’re all home, what is there to talk about? I was surprised we were able to carry on a conversation. Eventually we learn more about each other and I find myself so attracted to someone I have never met.

I’m honest, I don’t like beating around the bush and you say you feel the same way! I was ecstatic, but we couldn’t go out because like I said it’s a pandemic! But I need to see you, so we have a zoom date (21st century dating) I was nervous as hell but when we start talking it goes so smoothly, I suppose all those weeks texting helped. The first time I saw you I was blown away, you were even more beautiful in person. Back then even before the zoom meetings, we were friends. But still I had a thing for you.

Before the Whatsapp calls, normal calls, checking up on each other, we had a thing. Both of us didn’t know how to go about it. Nope, we didn’t know how to convey our feelings. But somewhere along this COVID-19 season, we happened. We became honest,….

I don’t know how this will be or play out. But all I know we will work out. It is a new ground for both of us and I hope we see how it goes. To finding new paths aye?

All in all it sounds like an excerpt from the Black Pearl Travels. I love everything. Fire spreading all around my room. My world is so bright it’s hard to breathe but that’s alright. Hush Sh.


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