To Whomever It May Concern,

Everyone has their own demons they wake up to and confront everyday. Some days you win the fights, other days you feel devastated and sad. You look around and see that every friend you know is doing well apart from you. You will feel the urge to go and shout your lungs out on the rooftop and wonder what went wrong with you. Madness holds reason while emptiness carries the whole.

You want to be like them, strike a path, forge new ways and have a place to hold in the society. You want to be successful and be associated with the who knows who in the upper echelons. Relax. Life is not a race. The people you’re trying so hard to impress and compete against won’t care about the long hours you toil everyday. They won’t have an interest on how you’ve been risking your last shillings or pounds. The times you’ve been told ‘NO’ by them overwhelms you.

The fatigue and many sleepless nights is causing your body to crumble. You try to sleep like any normal human being but all you do is toss and turn when you think of the bad investments, bad partnerships, being taken advantage of, being used, dealing with doubt and family pressure. All they want to see is success.

This is not about them. This is about you. You can keep your head when everyone is losing theirs and put the blame on you. Learn to believe and trust in your own self when all men doubt you. But make an allowance for their doubting too.

At times you might chase something for long and you’ll be told to wait. The same answer every now and then. If you can wait and not be tired of waiting, or being lied about; then don’t deal in lies. If one decides to hate on you, do not give in to the hating and yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise.

You can dream. But don’t make those dreams be your master. You’d forever slave in dreaming. You can think but don’t make the thoughts your aim. Instead aim on your vision. By then you’d have met Triumph and Disaster in several events. Treat those two impostors the same. You’d be required to say the truth and defend you’re words and beliefs from time to time. You have to bare to hear the truth you’ve spoken twisted by knaves to make a trap for the buffoons.

It would be painful to watch what you built tumble down like a house of cards. To watch what you gave your life to, get broken and destroyed will take you a few steps back. It would make you question the very core fundamentals of your beliefs. It is okay. There’s ups and downs. You can rebuild them again even if you have worn out tools.

It’s okay if you decide to heap all your winnings into one pile and risk it all in one turn of pitch-and-toss and lose it all. You can always start afresh. Start at your beginnings; however do not breathe a word of your loss to any single soul. I hope you can force your heart, nerves and sinews to serve your turn after everyone else is long gone. So hold on when there is nothing in you apart from the Will which says to them: Hold On.

Talk with crowds and learn how to keep your virtue. Walk with Kings and learn not to loose the common touch. If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you, and all men count with you, but none too much – then you are capable of filling the unforgiving minute. With every count of the sixty seconds worth of distance run, then yours is the Earth and everything in it.

There’s none richer than Mother Earth herself. And which is more – You’d have overcome your obstacles and become the person you wanted to be.

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  1. KEVIN NYAMBU says:

    This is an awesome piece. Pretty uplifting

    1. Amwadeghu says:

      Thanks. There’s more coming by tomorrow

  2. Joj says:

    great piece of work.

    1. Amwadeghu says:

      Thanks alot. I appreciate

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