Citadel of Madness


Previously on 88,000 Acres of Bad Shit,.…..Before-dawn

Ophelia’s heart twisted and turned. It burned yet it did not heat. The wine in front of her did not seem tasty any more. She was hurting deep inside. Alot of emotions were going through her. Nneka decided to go clubbing with the other man. It was evident that she would spend the night alone.

Despite the fake love she had towards her sister in-law, she never wanted things to end in such a way. Hate was what she felt towards Nneka for betraying her brother. She had evidence and recordings of Nneka’s behavior. That was not enough. She needed to do something. She needed to take care of the problem. It would save every one time, anguish, and the agony. She wondered how she would take care of it. She needed a solution.

Ophelia called her friend Etienne who knew other friends who would make things happen. Etienne made a few calls and a plan was hatched to way lay Nneka. Etienne told her that it would require money to hire the services of a hitman. The other option would be to rent a weapon for a given period of time so that she can accomplish her mission and return it in due time.

How did this soft spoken girl have such a murderous temper? She missed when everyone was happy. She missed the moments when she didn’t have to share her brother’s love with Nneka. Ophelia loved Akala beyond the normal confines of a normal brother sister love. She knew it was incestuous to have such thoughts. She wanted him for her own selfish gains. She had always been shy around her brother and couldn’t look at him straight in the eyes. Ophelia was in love with Akala.

She preferred hiring a hitman to do her dirty work. She did not want to soil her hands. She felt no remorse at all when she sent the hefty amount of money to Etienne. Ophelia sent Etienne every detail he needed. The licence plates, her contact and location they were headed to.

“Finally the snake can die tonight.” She smiled mischievously.

After all she would be getting rid of the thorn in her brother’s foot. She was ridding the world of all evil. Her actions were just in her thoughts. Ophelia licked her lips seductively as she took the glass of wine that stood before her on the dining table.

She walked to the living room and switched on the television. She flipped through the channels and settled for a local news one. The local news channel always brought breaking stories that happened less in half an hour. They had reporters in every alley and street. How much news did she need? She just needed to hear the one she was eagerly waiting for.

Etienne had told her that she would know the results of a job well done when the news channels report it. It was a big risk and gamble she had taken. She was breathing hard. She anticipated her next move. Her mind wandered. Her stomach twisting in notes. What would be the outcome? Did she finally kill the snake? Do snakes die if they are shot?

With each flip on the local channels to see if they had any new coverage, her heart sank deeper and deeper. Had she thrown away her money? Was it the right thing she did? Didn’t the holy books say that they should cut the head of the viper?

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  1. Morris says:

    Maliza story boss ni moto

    1. Amwadeghu says:

      It is a sequel,…..hehe.

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