Belle 2 – The Reception

Previously on: Belle Cunningham Marquee, Garki Area 8, Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. The reception hall in Cunningham Marquee is stunning, it is among the premier party venues. It is among the top three beloved wedding venues in Abuja. The banquet style tables in the large establishment could accommodate just about 1500 people . I appreciated…


Ifesinachi Transport Booking Office, Jabi Central Bus Station, Phase 2, Abuja. June 18th 2012, 2130 hours. It was a chilly Monday evening. I had arrived earlier than the stipulated time. I was standing outside the passengers lounge as I waited for my bus to arrive. My bus was scheduled to leave at about 2230 hours….

(Ibby) C 105 – Voi Town

Somewhere in Mikindani-Changamwe, there is a line of stalls which has many shops and cafes. It has a semi-wide corridor in which children play along. At the far end of the corridor is a makeshift garage. There are a few guys dressed in overalls who have all manner of tools popping out of their pockets….

Hope Found In An Oak Tree.

You would have walked through the fire just to have a taste of his lips. Those lips which always drove you crazy whenever it crossed your mind. The mere thought of his lips brushing against yours brought trembles to your entire body. You wonder if he still thinks about it. About what he did to…

Head Above Water.

I have to keep calm before the storm comes. I don’t want less or more. I just need the doors and windows shut so that I can feel safe. I hope it finds you well wherever you’re. By the time you’ll be reading this, I’d have gone somewhere. Miles away where you can’t reach me….


  I’m not the type that fancies going down memory lane especially in the wake of rekindling old flames. It never works out the way one would think to be precise. There was a reason why things didn’t work out. There’s a reason why there’s always a sour taste in my mouth whenever I tried…


I was just coasting till we met. I saw you at the cashier’s queue in the supermarket. You reminded me of how good it could get and how it felt. The sight of you was like a fresh breath of life. I saw you standing there with your jet black hair and I really admired…