Broken Sleep -Gasps-


I gasp every time this happens. Gasping is the only way I respond nowadays. Way back I would gasp, check if I am aware of what’s going on, test a few reflexes in my body to see where I was still… Well… In my body! Then check if there was anyone in the room.

Nowadays. I simply gasp. Can’t do anything about it. It just happens.
It’s what happens when I have irregular sleeping patterns. When I am like five minutes from waking up fully, my mind wakes up, even my eyes can open albeit rather weakly, and I can hear sounds, but my body cannot move. At all!

Thing would freak me out so bad, I didn’t know how to explain it!

“Hey Jerry. So, three months now, this thing….. This….. This… Thing…. Happens.
And it freaks me out, I feel… I don’t even know how to explain it, man”. I told my brother Jerry.

Jerry: Dude, you’re freaking me out. What in the world are you talking about.

Me: My body just… And you know it happens when I am awake in my sleep. Also asleep.

I have enough time during that moment to guess what it is, but of course I cannot guess, I do not know what it is!

“Do you know what this is”? I ask Jerry.

Jerry: Dude. Whatever it is you are smoking, leave it in your dreams. Do not bring it to the real world. And drink Milk! I heard that milk helps with such cases.

Jerry gives me such a disapproving look. The type of look that goes by like, “dude you on your own in this one. You speaking weird”.

Me: Such cases! Eureka! So you know what this is… Or, whatever Genus or Species it’s from.

Jerry: Of course I know what this it. Listen carefully. This is called, Madness. Ever heard of it? The other name is idiocracy.

It’s from the genus of Insanitiae and the Species of Craziensis. Jerry had a funny way of playing with words. He said I was the mad man. The man who always woke up a midst his dreams.

Hey, wait. Perhaps it’s a false awakening.

Jerry: Which false awakening? It’s either one is asleep or one is awake. Same case with life. You either alive or dead. There’s no in between.

Me: What about the people who’ve been in a coma for more than a week?

Jerry: They pray to God in whichever world they are so that they come back alive. I’m not planning to leave the lushness of this world chasing after some half ass things like waking up before you fully awake.

Me: Come on Jerry. We can check this out. I’m sure I wont be the only soul that has this kind of dementia I’m going through. I’ll find answers.

Even as I write this, I have no clue whether I am awake or asleep, dreaming or in someone else’s dream.

P.s: Happy New Month Everyone. I have been running on fumes lately. I’ll take a week long break just to revamp myself. Stay safe.

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