Belle 9 – Reminiscing

Previously on: Belle-8-Ifuoma

A month had passed since Belle got married to Ifuoma. Jonathan reached Lagos safely. He slipped back to his solitary ways. Occasionally he thinks of Belle, but he is more baffled and pissed off by Rosemary. He is wary of her. He went quiet as soon as he reached back home. He does not want to be associated with that group. It is true that they were friends back in Port Harcourt, some things though are not meant to last.

Jonathan has fully immersed himself in the new business he recently set up. He always leaves home early and comes back late. His mother is worried that Jonah would perhaps soon turn out to be a workaholic like his late father. She knows that he is trying his best to forget her. The woman whom she as a mother loved and his son at some point loathed. There has been a particular lady who calls his phone when Jonah is fast asleep on the couch. He never calls back. Jonathan’s mother does not think Jonah likes that woman. She has a habit of calling way past midnight. She noticed how Jonah frowns whenever he sees that number. Jonathan’s mother misses Belle a lot. She is the daughter she can never have.


Present Day,

Forodhani Park,

Zanzibar City,



“Hello, Jonathan,”

“Are you up? I cannot sleep and I have been thinking about you. And how messed up we are. I have tried calling you a couple of times but you normally don’t respond. It’s either unanswered or please leave a voice message. Well I had hoped that I would find you awake but I will have to leave a voice message. A month has passed since I saw you with the other snake Rosemary. I am not sure if you jumped ship with her. If that were to happen, grapevine would be alive with gossip.

I know I should focus on my new marriage and husband. Truth is I have been thinking about my old-self and how I would have to beg for your attention and love. How you would try your best to keep things afloat even if you hated it. Damn it was rough Jonah when we parted ways, but we have come a long way since then. In two months it would be the third year of us parting ways. I know it’s late but I have got things to say to you. A lot has changed between us, but there are things I still want to tell you. I do not why I have had to reminisce about all we had.

We don’t say anything anymore partly because I am a married woman now, and that’s okay. I understand. Though I always wonder if you still remember those days when you were mine and I was yours. Remember those days when I would travel all the way to Lagos just to see you? Jonah, do you have nights like these too? Racking your brain through for memories and things we said we would do? Back then we thought we were grown up emotionally and we never slowed down to take things at a time.

Each time I lay with my husband Ifuoma, it takes me back to that stormy night. That night when we were hurdled in your room, and you made love to me for the first time as the wind howled outside and the rain poured mercilessly. And each time I would come home to visit you and your mother, you always did things right. You always had that look in your eyes. A bashful look that was more than just casual, sex, and other normal things that couples do. You were passionate about what you did, we never had major full-blown scandals. You always liked my intellect, and I was more than just a handful to you. I liked the fact you were about the cash flow and acted better in your skills.

The veracity of the matter is that my mouth tastes of cigarettes and sadness. My eyes are full of tears and red. I have caught him more than five times texting some other woman. It is only our first month of marriage. My hands are shaking as the ash from the cigarette falls to the ashtray. My mind is plastered with you and your thoughts, at times I think you hate me. You probably hate me for shutting you out and making things difficult for you when you wanted me back. I feel like I ended up marrying the wrong person. I’m okay with everything he does apart from texting his other harlots or whoever keeps him awake.

I do not know why I am telling you this but I want my mouth to taste of you, my eyes filled by your beauty whenever I see you or think of you. Our hands intertwined as we walk down that footpath you always liked. I hope you do miss that because your thoughts are the only ones keeping me sane. I dread going to meet my in-laws once we get back into the country.

It is 3:39 A.M, I wish you would be standing here next to me. I should stop wishing that because you are a callous man and you would say no. I no longer look forward to getting back home from this honeymoon and having to play wife. You see the courts cannot grant a divorce until I prove his infidelity. Do not get me wrong, I love my husband, but it is also that I am after something.

Hey, hey Jonathan, would you mind if I came to see your mother in Lagos?

Bye Jonathan. I hope this voice message reaches you. I got to go now.



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    Unexpected cant wait for the next I love it

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