Belle 6 – Undecided

Previously On: Belle 5 – The Fall Out

Present Day,

Constance Ephelia,

Mahe Islands,

Seychelles Islands.

1000 Hours.

The hotel was practically perfect in every way. The setting was a pure tropical paradise. There was an all-round lush green vegetation. Breathtaking scenery of environment of beautiful hillsides and mangrove forests dipping down to a turquoise ocean with crystal clear waters. The waters had a diamond radiance and were bordered by powdered white sand. Everything was just dazzling. The resort was spread quite spaciously.

Belle fell in love with their honeymoon destination. Apart from the throngs of making love with her husband Ifuoma, there were plenty of activities to do. They included; kayaking, windsurfing, diving, snorkeling along the beautiful reefs Mahe Island had to offer, and yoga session. Their wedding coordinator Sade did an amazing job to ensure that the newlywed couples were well taken care of.

Belle was happy that her wedding turned out as she expected. She knew that her wedding would be the talk of the town for a couple of weeks or even a month. She was however shocked when she saw Jonathan come to her baring gifts. She trembled deep within herself, unsure if Jonathan would cause a scene or not. Instead he was with Rosemary, her long-time friend. But now they were frenemies. Rosemary tagged along Jonah’s side so that she would make Belle jealous. Belle felt pangs of jealousy but it was not worth the fight, after all she was someone’s wife now.

Her mind drifted towards Jonah that morning when she woke up. She poured herself a glass of Chardonnay and headed to the balcony that had a beautiful view of the sea. They were plush seats and a hammock. Ifuoma still lay in bed. Belle hated the fact that Ifuoma snored like a wild animal.

She thought Jonathan would have called, even after when she told him that she would be getting married. She told him not to, but yet still expected him to. And when he showed up for her wedding he looked good, smelled good, and his hug lingered longer than usual when he was handing them his gift. He did not say a word. Soon she would get pregnant and bare kids. She had hoped that Jonathan would have been the father to her kids.

But now she was halfway around the continent, waking up next to her husband. A man she barely knew. Belle felt a feeling of happiness as she sipped her Chardonnay. The feeling of being in a foreign land, and people speaking a foreign language where they knew nothing of him, and her past. She is somewhere in Seychelles wondering if he reached safe, yes she was not supposed to entertain the thoughts of him when she was on her honeymoon. But she couldn’t just help it.

Belle still wondered if she ever crossed Jonathan’s mind. She tried not to think about him that particular morning. She had dated a few people before she got married to Ifuoma. She saw people who were nothing like Jonah. That is why perhaps they stayed for five good years and still fell out. Before she left him, she felt like she was holding on to nothing. Belle had no clue of how she would let go of Jonah. But how could she explain herself to Jonah’s mother and tell her that her son was not acting right?

She loved Jonathan fully, but she had to break off and grow wings. She will still hold him close to her heart. Holding on to the memories that they shared, but she has to grow up fully without him. It always felt out of control whenever she was with him. And when she bid him goodbye, she felt like that she had left something behind. She checked everything of hers if it was in place. She truly missed him but she could not come to terms about it.

Last night when she kissed her husband her mind went back to Lagos. Back to when they were hurdled inside Jonathan’s room. It was raining heavily that evening. There was some Whitney Houston playing on the background. One thing led to the other and she let him deep inside her. He was her first. And with every thrust her husband gave, her mind further thought of Jonathan, back then when they made love. How could shit from her past catch up especially when she was sharing her first night with her husband?

Belle knew that she had to make it work. Love would not work if she does not hold it together with Ifuoma. She knew that she got insecure for stupid reasons. That was one of the main reasons that led to their down fall. She could have told herself but she felt it. Nope, she had always been insecure. She knew that she got stubborn whenever she was in the wrong. She understood what she went through with Jonathan. But why would she think of him at the most weirdest of times? Perhaps she feels she is afraid that Ifuoma won’t meet her halfway just like Jonathan did.

Jonathan would go really quiet whenever they fought. Belle talked too much and neither of them really liked it. Belle was sure that they would have fixed their issues but nothing of the sort ever happened. They were together for so long that they got scared of saying what they would regret. They stayed long with each other that they shook off their habits of love. In the end they both forgot what they always thought.

Belle put him first, but Jonah put her on a love that she felt it was second. It should have been him with her on that honeymoon and bed. It is said that they cannot even be in the same room. After all she had watched too much TED talks on heartbreaks after they parted ways. If she called him now, would he fly halfway the continent just to see her? But he left even before the wedding was over. At least he did not cause a scene. It is probably for the best that he did not call nor text, “Hey how are you?”

“Because Jonathan, we cannot be in the same room. This will undo all the efforts that I have tried to keep myself from you.” Belle thought.

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