Belle 4 – What Next?


Previously On:

Blu Cabana,

Shehu Yar’Adua Road,

Mabushi District,


2222 Hours.

I didn’t want to believe it at first Ifuoma. I came to terms that we could no longer be together. You are the one who decided that I was too toxic for you. In just a matter of minutes, you dumped me at the hotel which we first met. You said you found someone who matched your soul and energy. It was just before the sun went down splashing its colors of pink, yellow, and hues of orange. The sunset was beautiful as it went and hid itself behind Aso Rock paving way for the moon and the stars. I was afraid to admit it that our relationship of four years had just gone down like the sun. The phrase, “even the sunsets in paradise” had finally dawned upon me.

But I knew, you knew that we should have known better, but we kept trying. Nope, I kept trying. Ifuoma, thank you for letting me see that the fire had died out. I still mad that you went and married my best friend out of spite. The moment I received the wedding card I knew I was out of chances. I just want you to know that you and me we were good. I only acted how I did so that I could salvage whatever dying embers of a relationship we had.

It was good, but it did not feel alright. It will be hard coming to terms that your heart now belongs to Belle. I will make it out Ifuoma, do not worry a tad about me. I have begun the little steps of moving on and getting on with life. Your wedding brought me a gem I thought I had lost through the sands of time.

I hope you will be happy, I’m on the path of searching out. I let go of you the moment I saw Jonathan. The universe had truly smiled down upon me. All I want right now is to have Jonathan come home to me. I want to hear him knock on my door. It’s not a must that he should carry anything but I’m still reeling from the effects of his soft lips. He did not resist or push me away as I thought. He did have a bewildered look on his face though.

I want to see his face once more. His face brings up all the memories I had back in Port Harcourt. Jonathan still plays hard to get. Sigh, “Why do I have to always chase after him?” “Think Rosemary and be smart.” Jonathan has always eluded me in the past. This evening was a small win for me. I have checked my phone several times before I left the house, nothing worth it. All that stares back at me is a blank screen. Well, there are a couple of notifications, but none is from him.

I was supposed to meet Ada and the crew and party just like we used too before life became a fast lane. Perhaps I should stop arriving early. But heck I would not miss an all-White Party at one of the posh clubs in the whole of Abuja.

I don’t do yoga nor have I ever tried Pilates. After Ifuoma broke up with me, no one wanted me at their parties. I tried to find my place but I did not quite fit in. I decided to put my effort into books and investments. I have to admit that I drink a little more than expected. Society tends to shun such women. Venturing into the corporate world was not exactly what my heart expected. I have never been a church person, nor a believer. I spend most of my Sundays asleep. I’m just a dreamer lately when it comes to matters of the heart. I have two left feet, and I’m no Jackson either when it comes to love.

I have been downing whiskey neat for the past twenty-two minutes as I got lost in my thoughts. Maybe something is truly wrong with me. I want to forge a new path with Jonathan. I want him to run away with me. After all aren’t we not both damaged? And don’t damaged souls find comfort in each other?

It both feels like we are lost souls and reverie, running wild and free. Why does it feel like we are kids when I think about him?

An Hour Later,

The whole group that had attended Belle’s wedding had arrived. Some of them had ditched their respective partners so that they could attend the all-White Party at Blu Cabana. Rosemary’s phone rings and she picks it up without checking her dial screen.

“Hello, Rosemary?”

“Who is this? I’m at the club right now and it’s really noisy, can you call sometime back later?”

“It’s Jonah, you gave me your card earlier this evening. It’s alright, we shall talk some other time. Enjoy your night and stay safe.”

The call gets disconnected and Rosemary pours more whiskey into her glass. Ekemma was busy making out with Ada. While Ekaete gyrated her body against the crotch of Ikem. Poor Ikem must have had a hard-on.

Bako: Rosemary, who was that calling?

Rosemary: Some guy that I didn’t catch his name. He said that I gave him my contact card today evening at the wedding. You know how these Abuja men the way they are. Every skirt they see they don’t tire.

Bako: Rosemary you have always played cat and mouse games with me, yet you know what I feel towards you.

Rosemary: If only you were serious, then you would have tried harder. It is either you go hard or you go home.

Dayo: Didn’t you give Jonah your card and told him to call you so that both of you could have a good time just like the old days?

Bako: Why do you have to spoil each time I’m about to take someone home?

Dayo: You are a serial womanizer.

Rosemary: Let me check who called.

Dayo/Bako: Who was it?

Rosemary: It was Jonathan.

Rosemary is a bit startled that Jonah called, and she is worried that her chances with him might be off the window. She keeps telling herself that she should not have spoken rashly to him. Would Jonathan pick her calls if she called back?

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