Belle 11 – Fire on Fire

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Mother had always thought that I was a hopeless romantic when it came to Belle. She said it felt like I used to dance in the movies whenever Belle graced her presence around me. At some point I almost believed her. Then I saw her in Lagos. She recently came from her honeymoon. Her husband was not with her. Flashbacks of memories crisscrossed my mind. Maybe it is because I got a little older. I wanted to say Hi but in someway I could not. The fact that she was someone’s else deterred me from doing so.

I saw her at a queue in a supermarket. Damn! She still looked pretty. Part of me wanted to stop by and catch up, but maybe that was because of the memories we went through. I thought of how she leaned on my shoulder when we lay in my room. How I saw myself with her.

She left the supermarket and boarded a cab. I was not sure of the direction she headed. Maybe she came to Lagos to attend to other businesses. I paid for my goods and left the supermarket and headed towards the parking lot. At the parking lot I found a note stuck on the windshield of my car. It read, “I sure thought I bumped into someone like you at the mall.”

I had no idea whether if it was her or another person. Perhaps it might be Rosemary. Her crazy backstabbing friend. A lot of women confessed their love towards me but I neither acknowledged nor responded towards them. My love life has been that of a pariah since Belle left. I have broken plenty good women in the quest of finding myself. Truth is I still thought of how I’d see myself with Belle. I did not say a word to a single soul. She still took my breathe and stole whichever little semblance of romance left to awaken the flame.

It was beautiful when I saw that text. The day had pretty blue skies that saved me from the cold I had emanating from my heart. I opened the boot of my car and placed the goods and proceeded to drive home. As I was entering the compound. I saw mother with some other woman. It took a while before I realized who the other woman was. Mother was full of smiles and in high spirits. There was an elegance on how she moved. I had not seen her this happy for the last couple of months. The other woman went back to the house. I parked and handed over the goods to mother.

“There is someone I would want you to meet Jonah abi. God has been good today my child.”

I stepped into the living room and found her seated. Her beauty and presence radiated all over. She rose from her seat and hugged me, then whispered to me “It has been a while love.” A certain desire engulfed me. It took me back to the day when she used to be my woman. A desire that sooner or later would spiral out of control and would make both her and I sinners. But it was a worthy prize to pay for. I did not think at that moment and time that there would be something that would ruin the rhythmic moment.

The day passed rather well. Both women famished each other with details of what had happened. But it was evident that Belle still had feelings towards me. And when the time to retire into the deep folds of slumber, I found that mother had prepared my room for two. She never said a word about the guest room nor anything but it was clear that she had her own other agendas.

I got into bed and Belle soon followed suite. She snuggled up to me underneath the folds of the sheets and duvets. Belle lay on my chest and told me how much she still loved me. How I felt so wrong towards her and still right for her. And when I looked into her eyes, I saw perfection, not only the direction of what would transpire next.

“Hey love, do you think this would be one of the broken happily never after?”

“What about us Belle? What about all the times you said you had the answers? What about all the plans that happened in disaster? What about love yet you someone else’s wife?”

“Let us not talk about that now Jonah.”

“You are the reason I came to Lagos. I have been losing my sleep over you. I’d traverse the great Sahara just to be with you, to fix what we have broken.”

“You getting married to someone else hurt, loving you hurt, but it was the only thing I knew.”

“But you were with Rosemary on the day of my wedding. I felt pangs of pain Jonah.”

“I met the whole group from Port Harcourt that day on your wedding day.”

“I do not want to keep this love of ours in a photograph anymore. I still held to your photographs. Three years after we parted ways. We made those memories for ourselves. When my eyes close and kiss those lips of yours, I feel our hearts are never broken and time is forever frozen still. I do not want to keep you in the pocket of my ripped jeans. Holding you close until when our eyes would meet. I do not want to be alone in a loveless marriage and I have waited for you to come home for long. So I followed you home.”

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  1. Maureen says:

    Good Lord knows I have waiting for this visit ….It’s abt to get bumpy

  2. john msagha says:

    i wish I had a mother like Jonathan

    1. Amwadeghu says:

      They never come easy

  3. Maureen says:

    What happened next?haven’t seen any updates on Bella

    1. Amwadeghu says:

      The book is almost out

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