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There was one thing I did not want to say…

I was out of words when tears streamed down your face in our last few hours together and you sobbed into my chest. I wanted to say it so badly. So badly that I didn’t know if I would be able to keep the words from spilling out. But I knew you had chosen to end whatever we had for a reason. Nope, you chose to end it because you want him. Yes Rosemary, you have always fantasized it a lot. At times I think the only reason you were with me was to get even at him. But even that did not work out. He was always out of your grasp, and that infuriated you even further.

It would not be fair to you, no matter how much I wanted you to say yes. It broke my heart when you said no. I knew that was the answer you needed to give me that time. I did not want to make things harder for you. I love you too much for that Rosemary. That morning after the party when you woke up next to me, you asked if there was anything else I wanted to say. I told you no. I had told you everything. That was a lie. There was one more thing.

I wanted you to tell me to stay, and I would not have left. Hey I know nothing lasts forever, because of one minute you here, and the next you are gone. You like playing these games of Brick and Show can’t burn up Ray. But I respect you, so I will not actively chase you. I would like to ask you though Rosemary, what goes in your mind whenever you lay with me and afterward have that far-flung look and gaze? I need a mental receipt to know what this is all about.

I left you a little souvenir, a little gift that would make you memorize the times we had. The way things moved beginning right from the door and ending up to the bedroom or balcony. All those times I dripped my seed little by little in you. You did not know because we always used protection. The condoms I carried around always had a small unnoticeable hole.

So Rosemary do not be afraid to catch feels when you feel something growing deep in you. If I cannot have you then nobody else can. The ride drop top and chase thrills were worth it especially whenever we popped pills. After you have discovered that you are pregnant, you will come to me. It would be sort of some reprimanding for mixing the wrong guys with good intentions. I am looking for a long consistency with you.



Rosemary had been sleeping on and off with Bako. She cannot term it as a relationship simply because she is the one who calls the shot. Bako is wealthy but not as wealthy as she is. She is not sure whether if he can maintain her. Rosemary is only sleeping with him for the fun and also luring Bako’s clients towards her business. Some of Bako’s clients began losing trust because he slept around with every skirt he could chase, hence damaging the nature of their businesses. But with her being seen with him a couple of times he has managed to gain back their trust.


Jonathan began a new business and it is doing well. Rosemary had tried to broker a deal with him but all attempts hit dead ends. He made it clear that he was not interested in any partnership or whatsoever. He simply cannot trust a woman who betrays her best friend. He does not understand the feud between Rosemary and Belle. He wants none of it. He also cannot get enough of his mother’s chiding.

Jonathan has been ignoring Belle’s voice notes for a while. But her last request made him wild and livid. How dare she want to come home and visit his mother? Why should she? They broke up and she was married. Her coming towards Lagos will just raise up mother’s hopes. Jonathan knows that he will not control his urges when Belle is around. The best option he has is for him to ignore and be distant towards her. Because when she will be around it would be difficult for him to let go.

He has convinced himself that he does not love her. For the better part of their relationship he gained an honorary skill of frustrating and stalling her. Why does he have to conjure feelings about her right now?



A month had passed since Zuhrah read Ifuoma’s text message. She is baffled and annoyed at the same time. All those years had passed and now Ifuoma had the audacity to text her. Especially when he is supposed to be having the time of his life with his wife. Zuhrah had given Ifuoma an alternative, it was either he converts to Islam or ships out. He chose the latter hence they parted ways.

Zuhrah holds an MSc in Software Architect and an MSc in Psychology from the University of Leicester. They met on a train when they were heading towards Cardiff city. Ifuoma was her first, since their breakup she has had other unsuccessful relationships. She is the second wife of a wealthy Malian merchant. She is comfortable as per se when it comes to status and wealth. Though from time to time she goes for those humanitarian trips. She has not been able to grant her husband the desire of having a child. She feels she is not ready yet, and her husband is growing impatient. Thrice he has threatened her that he would marry another woman if she does not bear him children.

She does not care about that. She cares about the humanitarian work she does. That is one of the major reasons why she and Ifuoma worked well. If time could be reversed then perhaps they would have been together. She shakes that thought often from her mind. Zuhrah is a cunning woman in some way. How she warmed her way to her husband no one understands to date. In a few days, she would be leaving Mali to go and oversee one of her husband’s projects in Lagos. She misses the nightlife of Lagos. Also this would be a chance to get away from the tight Sharia laws that her husband takes a liking.

Zuhrah is not sure if Ifuoma still resides in Nigeria. She knows that Ifuoma is somewhere halfway around the continent. She cannot linger around for long. Besides they are both married to different people. But nothing hits home like the flame of first love.



In a week’s time Belle would be heading back to Abuja. She knows that she will find a way to go to Lagos even if Jonathan does not approve of it. She misses the old woman, Jonah’s mother. She is sad that Jonathan cut her off completely. She will have to find a way to make him talk. Maybe a surprise visit would them good.

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