Battle Of The Realms.

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(Photo credits, courtesy of: Mamushkar Joy)

Jesus won the war. His blood shed on the cross hath delivered us from our sins and our souls cleansed. Whoever believes in his name shall prosper and have eternal life. Atleast that’s what the scriptures say.

My Names are Karisa Maingu.

Sleep has been quite torturous oflate. I used to say, “sleep is for the weak”. That was before the family doctor slapped me with some disorder caused by irregular sleeping patterns. I can’t remember the name. All medical mambo jambo seem jargon to me. Every night has different story and challenges. The sleeping pills don’t quite work well with me. The best nights are the heavy laden ones full of whiskey. I just pass out and wake up ok.

I fear dreams. Nope they are nightmares. They shake me to the core. I hate waking up drenched full of sweat. At times I’d wake up and find my voice hoarse. The visions would seem so surreal. Well, by the time I usually wake up, I’d have forgotten or I’d brush it off while smoking some cigarettes. Genuine sleep never comes easy to me. I’d make 700 turns, sing hymns, toss and turn for eternity.

They say darkness is beautiful. Atleast to them. I see things, and in the dark i can make vivid pictures. The spiritual realm and the physical worlds are always aligned. 11:40p.m to 0400hrs. Ungodly hours. War fare happens during such hour. I never used to believe in such stuff either or anything paranormal. Ignorance is truly bliss. Never had time for such. Who cares about whatever happens in the other world? Doesn’t harm you, right?

For anything to happen in our physical world, it must have passed in the spiritual world.

I rarely sleep sober.Last night was one of those rare nights. A slight breeze flowed through the room. I was preparing to sleep. I could see a figure lurking behind the curtains. I pretty much assumed that it was one of those mind games. The second time the slight breeze flowed through the room the curtains blew abit.

There she was. In her beautiful wedding gown. But it had no veil. She looked thin and abit pale. I guess that is what death does to people living on the other side. I switched on the lights. She wasn’t there. I wondered what she was doing in my room. They said the dead die and never come back. But certainly not Collette. She been dead for seven years. Why would she make a comeback?

Mean while outside the weather changed. It was windy, cloudy, thunderstorms could be heard from miles away. Lightning streaks flashed everywhere. Lights flickered on and off until they finally went off. I fumbled for a matchbox in the dark.

The wind blew pretty hard. I could hear the window panes rattling and the door complaining. “Brave the night brother, it shall be a bumpy ride“. She whispered across my ears as her silhouette floated across the room.

Collette: It has been a while brother.

Me: Sure, been long. You don’t look well either.

Collette: Do you think that I killed myself?

Me: We woke up and found you dead.

Collette: Yes. It was sad. I got attacked by spirits at night.

Me: Spirits? Like Djinns? Stuff doesn’t exist.

Collette: If they never existed, would I be here talking to you dear brother? I came to warn you. You have been selected for a sacrifice. You might loose your life. Not everyone wants you alive.

Me: Wait a minute. Who doesn’t want me alive? For what reason and purpose? Yet I live in absolute poverty. I’m not the guy who I used to be.

Collette: When all of you were asleep, he came. I couldn’t feel my body moving. I screamed. I yelled, called out your name, called mother’s name, papa was never home that time, big brother also never heard my screams. He strangled me. I couldn’t breathe. All my nape hairs were alert. This wasn’t a physical battle. Seems I was fighting something different.

The beast overpowered me and had his way with me. I was three months pregnant at the time. Yes that guy across the road Mr. Dhadho. He’s not a good guy.

Me: Is that how I shall go? Why me? What wrong did I do to Dhadho?

Collette: Better believe in God. I know you not much of a religious person, try him and see.wonders. Bye Brother.

Me: Bye,……..

Even before I complete, she’s gone. I laughed, abit happy that I saw her, though quite sad.

I retired to sleep at around midnight. I was weary of the events. Sleep caught up with me as I got lost in my thoughts. Half an hour later, I felt a strange presence. My hairs were awake. I tried moving my limbs but to no avail. I could see them clearly. Hideous creatures they were. I was their business that night. I tried yelling and moving. My body failed me. My voice box didn’t give way. I cried knowing that I was helpless.

Djinn 1: Enough, stop mishandling him. Master said that we should scare him abit.

Djinn 2: Let’s play with him a little. After all the end result is the same. Master wants him dead. He is the only remaining living person that has connections with both realms.

Me: What have I done to you?

Djinn 2: Shut up mortal. Beg for your life.

Djinn 1: You have brought problems to the master.

Djinn 2: Your star should be erased from the astronomical records.

Djinn 1: We couldn’t kill you in the spiritual realm because you are somebody great and you wage war against our ilk.

Me: I’m poor. How can I be a great person?

Djinn 2: We can kill your physical body, so that you quit being a problem to our master.

Whaaaack, whaaaack, I could feel a whip cracking and landing on my bare back. I screamed. It was painful every crack of the whip, robbed me something fundamental. The other djinn strangled me. There’s no way I’d come out alive.
I struggled and gathered so much power and energy and let an ear piercing scream JEEEEEESUUUUUUS. For a moment I felt relieved. Bright white light filled the room with a gusto. I felt light, I could move my body again. I was back in my own body.

It’s 0300hrs. The lights are back. I remove all my clothes and took a proper look at myself in the mirror. I could see the marks of the whips. A scar to remember. For the first time I prayed. Just to thank God for my life and to protect me from evil. I couldn’t sleep. I pondered about the events while waiting for dawn.

I packed few of my belongings and decided that I should go visit mother at the sanctuary, she could guide me on that.

At around 0600hrs, I step out of the house. It’s muddy, the roads are abit pathetic. Within ten minutes I was at the stage, ready to cross the road.

Left, Right, Left to check for any oncoming vehicle.

All clear,………. A fresh step to a brighter new day and future ahead as I crossed the road. A bus screeches its tires to a halt. The smell of burnt rubber and clutch filled the air.

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