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A few months ago Regalia Memorial Hospital requested my services as a psychologist. They didn’t want me to become their resident psychic regarding that I had my business up and running. It was flourishing. They requested my services for a certain young man in which they believed that it’d only be a matter of time before he went bonkers. Normally I usually wouldn’t take such offers. I’d rather prefer if the patients would come to my office.

I made an exception not to pass this offer cause the package they were offering was good and also it was an interesting case to know that someone would get themselves admitted yet they weren’t sick. I needed to know why.

My names are Dr. Artemina Miles. One of the country’s most sort after psychologist. I wanted to solve this case for myself. I’ve handled lots of mad cases but this one was of strange nature. I had expected that I would’ve found someone who would have been buckled up on the hospital bed or a raging lunatic who would be violent for apparent no reason but instead; I found a very calm man who looked normal to me. He was past the thirty threshold. He was well learned as I would later find out during my conversation with him. I try to remember his name time to time but it never came when I needed it. I’ve been thinking about him. I’ve tried reaching him but all my attempts normally hit a dead end. The hospital wouldn’t give me any of his details on a basis of private confidentiality. Damn, that Dr. Andrews and his weird skewed policies. I wonder what became of the calm man. In our one on one tête a tête I noticed that he wanted to find a way out of his union ship. He wasn’t happy, he says that he got himself admitted so that he could run away from his demons. It took a great convention for him to go back home. He puzzled me with a riddle the second and last time we met.

I could tell that he really liked to have fine things in life. How did I know that? From his mannerisms, the way he was cultured, his Ross gold watch piece, the brands of cigarettes he smoked, the VIP room he had holed himself in. Told a lot about him from how he handled himself. All in all he was lonely and he felt that the society was generally to blame. He was tired of the domestic abuse he was facing from his wife and mother. He loathed and despised them both. But that’s one side of the coin. In my job I’m supposed to empathize. Not sympathize with them cause you never know the other side of the story. I was afraid that I had fallen for this handsome guy and I couldn’t risk having to put my professionalism at queue. Besides it wasn’t advisable to have a patient doctor relationship, a thing to do with ethics.

He was a flirt, mischievous, even though he was married I could tell that he still had his own way despite the hurdles he was facing. He was that type of men mama usually warned me about. But mama never told me that this type of men would bring a certain euphoric feeling. The hospital walls have stories to tell, only if you press your ears hard enough close to the walls. Word from grapevine was that he had flirted with almost every nurse within a five mile radius of him. He was a smooth talker this one. They were glad when they heard that I took on his case. Well his ward looked nothing at all like a hospital. Empty miniature whiskey bottles were well arranged on the table. Which pegged the question, “is he really sick?”

He was lonely deep inside. He wanted to run away from everything. I always caught him staring at me while he feasted on me with his eyes. Sigh, he was an animal full of lust locked in a cage. In the end he decided to deal with his demons head on. He went home after I delivered my report. I tried to get him come to my office for further psychological help and see if perhaps he would be interested in knowing what I had worn inside this white coat. But I never got a hold of him. I wonder how this relationship would be regarding that right now we don’t have that sort of a cordial doctor – patient relationship. Would he come and let me have a glimpse on his inner thoughts?

Only time will tell.



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