Everything is in order when it goes into a black hole. Time and age is playing catch up on her. She discarded all the naughty nights for niceness. She landed in a very common crisis. She discovers that the good guy she is having is not the type of fun she wants.

She used to get it in her fishnets and pantyhose. But now she only gets it in her night dress. Nothing seems as pretty as the past though. She feels like bloody Mary is lacking in Tabasco. She wanted to have her own cake and eat it. Then she remembers when he used to be a rascal. They were fun days. She adheres to the saying that good guys aren’t fun.

The boy is a slag to her. The best action she ever had was just a memory. Those dreams are not as daft as they seem when she dreams them up. Her subconscious brings them up each time she is unsatisfied. She has been relying more and more to it to feel humane again.

The relationship to her is getting old. Everything is in order but the life inside it is dull and sucks everything into it. She wants to cheat just to get some thrill and excitement back into her life. Without that thrill everything seems typical and boring.

She got herself a little book of sex tips. Flicking through the pages of the book; she tried to see if she’d find something to spice things up. She travelled back to the distant years. She felt the same rush of energy when the boys were all electric. When she used to get all the boys she would want. She shudders each time he tells her that he is going to get it. He thinks that he is going to get it. She would rather just forget it.

She does not like the feeling of being clingy. She tries so hard clinging not to get sentimental. But rather relive the hay day when the world revolved around her. In her head she said that she would not go. But still she went.

She welcomes the idea of the gentlemen in her life not to be gentle. It would be boring if it was too comfortable. She tries to think if it was really a Mecca dauber or a crayon pencil.

She was in party when she was doing the compatibility test. She’s falling about. Drunk from all the whiskey and thoughts in her head. She took a left off the last laugh lane. She’s having the last laugh at her boring fella.

She sounded it out. She got it out of her system by having a bit of excitement with another guy who does not lead the boring drab lifestyle. The one that she left back home.

She is certain that she was not coming back to it again. She does not need to. She’s had her fun. It was time to get back to her normal life.

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