This bar was a simple one, with clean wooden tables and chairs. It had an area at the back that served traditional foods. I had been up on my feet the entire day before I met him. He ordered two fingers of whiskey. He liked it neat. I was interested in a different kind of nourishment for my taste buds. The shot had a lump of white chocolate at the bottom, and a sweet aqua blue tasting liqueur to complete the insinuation of the name behind the product. It was delicious, that I must admit.

I knew his demons had not gone to church for a very long time. And probably won’t after all the negative commentary he had gotten. He placed a packet of cigarettes on the table and a gold plated lighter which had words encrusted on both sides. “From ashes we rise and to ashes shalt we return.” I found this quite ironical and comical. He hated the tobacco smell that came from his fingers. The way the cigarette smoke enveloped his whole being and stuck unto his clothes bothered him at times. Not even expensive cologne nor detergent could waft away that smell. He called it a smell of sin. A smell of shame that couldn’t leave him. It was like misery to him.

He said hell hath no fury like a scorned woman. He was caught in between a rock and a hard place. He regrets having an office relationship or rather what is known as work place romance. He learnt this the hard way. In a nutshell he told me that women are vengeful creatures. Don’t promise them marriage if you are not intending to follow through. If only he was keen enough during his first warning.

Let’s call him Kiragu. Kiragu had been having an office relationship for five years at his workplace. At one point the wife knew about it and caused drama at his work place. His Human Resource manager called him to his office and told him to keep his marital problems out of the workplace. He played things low key for a while. Everything went back to normal. Most guys in Kiragu’s department always referred to his office catch as his second wife. Word went around and nobody crossed that line. They knew the said so lady was Kiragu’s.

His department mostly consisted of single moms and die hard feminists. There was plenty of game for him. Kiragu and his office colleagues would always consider having a taste of different cuisines from time to time. I chuckled at the thought that they viewed their workplace as a jungle. All went well until another lady from his department brought her younger sister to work as an intern in their organization.

She got many men talking and breaking their necks just to have a glimpse of her derrière. She spoke softly, had round almond eyes and was always kind to people. She melted the hearts of many. Many wanted to wiggle the way in to her pants. The way Kiragu described her one would have felt like they had known her for an eternity. Kiragu had watched his colleagues try and fail. With each foiled attempt none successfully materialized.

You see, Kiragu loved a flashy lifestyle. He loved women. He always felt good when he was surrounded by them. Whether it was through entertainment, business or pleasures, the drive was always there with him. Despite him being married he always found a thrill in finding new escapades. It was akin to him being Christopher Columbus. The founder of new lands and conqueror of the oceans and the high seas.

“So what happened to the new intern?” I asked him.

“Debbie?” He shot back.

“Her name was Debbie?” I asked a bit puzzled.

Yes, her name was Debbie. By now he had ordered a whole bottle of whiskey. He had always liked Debbie but he could not show it simply because his other catch always flocked around him. So one day Debbie had trouble at work and Kiragu went to the rescue. She was really grateful and asked Kiragu out for a drink that evening. It was on a Wednesday as he recalled. The evening date drinks in the name of hanging out with a colleague became plenty. A month later they were both sent to Kigali for a seminar involving there work. After the conference meetings had been over Debbie and Kiragu decided to go out and see the city. They wanted to know what the land of hills had to offer. One thing led to another and Debbie offered herself to Kiragu. He said the moments they shared were magical.

They went back to work and resumed their normal routine. But his horniness got the better part of him and he began becoming reckless. He would often utilize every chance he had to fulfill his desires with Debbie. He always felt rejuvenated every time he took her to bed. They were so engrossed that they didn’t notice people talking about them. Word finally reached his other catch who came to learn about it. His other “second wife” felt really offended. He says she was hurt because he was acting all weird.

He initially had expected her to revenge at him by sleeping by one of his colleagues and was dumbfounded when she readily forgave him. That was the first red flag he should have been cautious about. They say revenge is best when served cold. The “second wife” chose to hit back as best as she could. She set him up by having Debbie record all their conversations. Debbie at first protested. He says that she was threatened that her allowances would be cut off and her recommendation letter would be tainted.

Debbie recorded all the conversations especially when Kiragu was asking for her coochie. The second wife went as far as providing CCTV footage of him getting all touchy with Debbie. After gathering all the evidence required, Debbie filed for sexual harassment courtesy of coercion from the second wife. Debbie was also angered by the fact that Kiragu had never told her from the word go that he was married.

The devil was really playing tunes with him. All bad things came to him at once. He said he had just gotten a promotion as the head of department. The evidence was overwhelming. There was no way he could get out of that mess. He lost his job. He paused at that juncture and lit up a cigarette. He asked if I had a problem with smokers or if cigarette smoke affected me. I told him none affected me.

He returned everything back to the company. From the car to vacating the house and all benefits ceased. He went back home that day. His head drooping. He didn’t know what to tell his wife and his kid. He didn’t go bearing gifts as he always did. I asked him why the gifts. He said the gifts were a way to atone for his never ending sins. He said he made a mistake by promising the second wife marriage. The second wife came in straight from campus and joined their organization. She had been sharing a bed with him for five good years only to realize that she had wasted her time.

No dude at her workplace used to hit on her since she was someone’s “wife”. I felt sad to both of them.

Karma played both Kiragu and her second wife in mysterious ways. Maybe she was curving guys for the better part of her twenties as she was busy warming another woman’s husband.

Perhaps it was time for them to pay the piper.

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