After School.


When done with your studies, It is wonderful not to have girlfriend problems, but there also comes the fear to follow your dreams. It becomes a bit scary when you don’t know what to do with your life.

You have recently finished your studies and you’re only a month shy from your graduation. You have no clue how things would play out once you’ve thrown the graduation cap in the air and bid goodbye to your college mates or learned friends as they say. Time flies rather quickly, you’re obsessed with the graduation process, the after party, the booze and allyou can think of is how much fun you will have. You’re not a failure. You’ve made it. You came out of school with good grades. You’re guaranteed of a good position and pay check in the job market sector. You’re skills are worth more than anyone could imagine.

Graduation comes and passes. After all the pompous celebrations, you find yourself at home all alone with your thoughts. The high expectations you had are quickly going down as you get disappointed over and over again. You thought that life after school would sort of be blissful, but how wrong could a person be?

Hello, Welcome To The World.

You quickly discover that no one really cares about that degree of yours. It’s just a formality. No one gives two cents whether you went to college or not. They instead look at experience. But how can you get experience when the old guards at the top won’t give you a chance to work? Not even for a small pay? Everywhere you go, you keep dropping your papers trying to see if you can have a chance. You are desperate for anything.

You have no idea what you want to do. The course you studied is so broad. You never took the specialization units seriously back then. All that mattered was that you aced them. You’re pissed because nobody is willing to risk or dip their feet into murky waters and take you in. Instead they’d rather opt for someone with more experience. It crushes your heart every now and then.
It has been an emotional roller coaster for you. The highs and lows are like a drug where on one hand you feel indifferent about the whole thing and you really don’t care about that degree you got while on the other hand you’re really proud of yourself for sticking through it all and making your loved ones proud.

You chose your course cause it was you wanted to do, not a single soul pushed or coerced you to do something you didnt want to.You’ve been advised left, right and centre to be proud and be grateful that you made it that far. Take a step at a time and bask in the glory is what you’ve been told. Live a day at a time.

You’re struggling with the living a day at a time mantra when you know you don’t have the skills to cultivate the patiece necessary in finding a good job.

But all these, to you, are better than having girlfriend problems.

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