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“What has happened now is that I’ve fallen madly in love with a woman. And it seems to me so absolutely natural and genuine – there’s nothing problematic about it at all. I just feel proud and uncontrollably glad. These last 9 months have been like one long dance of rich adventure, tenderness, intensity – an expedition into new domains of great simplicity and beauty.” I didn’t mean to send love letters, but that is what they became. On their way to you, my words turned into heartbeats on the page.

Hello my sweet pear plum. It has been quite a while since my eyes have committed your beautiful face to memory. I incredibly miss the way you light up when you see me even if we were just together at the beginning of the day and how you half smile through your lashes while lying in my arms at the end of each day. Words alone cant express the longing that weighs down my heart on every waking moment and the sorrow in my dreams where I picture you just a few metres ahead yet try as I may I can’t seem to catch up with you. The days have been dull without you, the sun no longer shines as bright as it does when you are around and the birds that so rudely interrupt our mornings together just serve as a reminder of how alone I am without you. Your pillow still bears the faint scent of your sweat mixed with the strawberry shampoo that makes your hair soft. But for now, I will console myself with these little love letters and the memories of you that pop up every once in a while.

You didn’t mean to send love letters, but that is what they became. Light reflects upon your ink as if were your smile, and I feel my heart jump as if it were so, as if you were right here at last. This letter is on two cent paper but the words are without price. Everything you say is music to me, no matter the words, no matter the topic… because it came from your mind and flowed down your arm to the pen that would otherwise rest lazily upon the table. You have a queer way of communicating things. At first I thought, “why a letter, when she can just text.”

The letter has so many crease lines, all of them fluffy to the outside from so many times being folded and unfolded. Likewise, the paper is soft to the touch, the blue ink has run but only slightly. My eyes caress the strokes of the pen made eons ago, seeing the personality behind the strong lines and heavy punctuation marks.I touch the letter as if you could step through the page and into my arms, and in away, with your words, you do.

It is not the beauty of your lyric, yet the fact that you took the time to write a letter, that stole my heart and freed my soul. Love is a quiet emotion that in time becomes part of the oxygen you need to breathe, and so though you may feel not sure that it’s there, any form of removal and the emotions begin to choke. The true enemy of love is when emotional indifference takes command of logic; for only when love takes command of logic can good choices be made. Indeed, love in command of both our higher logic and our primitive drive is humanity’s hero-mode.

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