I’m drawn to darkness. I’m attracted by it and tend to court it each chance I get. I like to bask in the solace of darkness. I’m that guy who is always quiet at a party while guys are busy mingling and making small talk. I like charred people. Damaged ones, the ones whose lives have taken quiet a beating. I like to have a glimpse of the world in their eyes. These damaged people always have the most beautiful stories to tell.

I normally don’t fancy the Cinderella type of stories or the happily ever after endings. I love cars, hiking, good food and music (this one really brings out the best of creativity). I’m much into travelling. I come from the ragged land of the hills. Gadgets and tech things are a turn for me (ha-ha I can be cheeky at times).

I tend to view things from a rather awkward a position which might clash with some core value beliefs of others. Is it too bad to challenge the system at times?

I am Antony Mwadeghu, a guy from a place known as Mbololo. A place where you won’t miss to spot a variety of trees and animals.

Welcome to Amwadeghu, where we talk about life, sex, death, astronomy, the little fears people have within them, and the little victories of our day to day lives with moments of joy and criticism.