A year from now

A year from now we’ll all move to different places. All our friends will have moved away. Everybody is hoping to move on to a better place. But they’ll still have gone away. Part of them, part of us would have gone away. Nothing would have been as they were. We’ll get each others contacts and promise to be in touch with each other. We’ll miss each other like hell and high waters.

We would be actively involved in the social media circles and other WhatsApp groups. Most of the talks would be on how things are changing. Perhaps for the better or for worse. Everyone would be grappling with various new issues and challenges. Not all would come through of it unscathed. Some would get lost along the way. Others would’ve forgotten of how it felt to have a sense of feeling and belonging. Yes we all took a step forward into the uncharted waters hoping for the best. But with time most would expect the worst from whatever life would toy around and throw. Our families live in different cities far away from us. If you don’t know how to make of that balance, most would not relate to it.

Camps, trips, hikes would be arranged so that all of us would link up and revisit the old days have some fun by the bonfire camp. Grab a beer perhaps or some whiskey and tell stories. We’ll travel by boat through the rivers, by train through the rails, and by roads till we reach other and see each other again. Not all would attend. Some would, though it would be worth the effort. Soon the pictures would be all over the various social media platforms. Those who couldn’t make would feel like they’ve been left in the cold alone only clinging to the memories they last had of their friends during the last day they were together. The graduation ceremony.

The messages become less and less each day. People drift apart. Some get married, others lose their sanities, others die. Harsh reality slowly sinks in. We are too caught up in our own madness to notice the drift that is striving. Another knock on our doors hammers sense when we get a wedding invitation. A girl we used to know is getting married this weekend. Time surely has passed. Years perhaps. Some of our friends are already having families and kids. We left to chase our dreams, careers and money only to alienate ourself from family and friends due to the constant nature of our demanding timeline schedules. We no longer settle in one place any more. Every morning most of us would wake up in different towns and states. At times too lost but we keep marching forward.

When we’ll feel that we’ve had enough of different life vagaries and we have achieved a state of contention, most of us would tend to find someone to keep close. Maybe a companion or anything that goes along those lines. We would need someone to stay. Back home the parents won’t be making it easy. They want to see a person being introduced or someone who is abit consistent in your life. They would ask for grandkids occasionally. We know they are getting old. The thought of losing one parent or both never augurs well with us. Some of us have drunk it down and spat out that thought. At this point we all became individuals. Some happy, some sad, some broken, while others experienced dementia.

We often think we have control of our lives. What if we are pawns in the cogs of fate? None likes the idea of that either. All this perhaps would happen in less than a year. A year which would seem years to us. We ask each other where we’d be going tonight, or why things seem to zoom off at a fast speed. Home is better than what is wandering in our heads. Everything has been tried to keep the flames alive. The best things that happen always took an eternity to arrive, it gave most people fifty one reasons to lose their sanity after they dug in too deep. We never used to run away from things when we were young and care free. We would face them together.

At times we want to pack our bags with all the lives we’ve lived before. And leave behind the bags we don’t need anymore. Sometimes we want to go back. Going back in memory and time to have a little peace and see if things could be different. But we know it doesn’t work like that.

Memories come, and then they go.

For now let our radiances glow in the dark. We only have a few months before we part. Before graduation. Let us live in the moment, in the glory. We could have our own Paris, Tokyo or Vancouver right here. These memories we’ll create won’t go, we would have something to smile about. We’d remember the mischievous guy who attended classes whenever he felt like, or the binge drinking guy who was always the life of the party, the bright students who were snobbish and always quiet, except when answering questions in class ofcourse or perhaps the blabbermouth who wouldn’t miss to spread the latest campus gossips. We’d talk about how we used to save each other space while going for the educational trips that we enrolled in just in for sight seeing and to get away from all the hullabaloo. Then there’s the hot lecturer who dressed to kill and would drive one of the top range high end cars. She was like a goddess. We knew we couldn’t afford her class. All we could do was just drool. The weekend was fun filled driving around in our old jalopies. But hey, it was better than nothing. We would find every nonsensical reason to celebrate. No matter the occasion. A moment of silence and candles would be lit whenever a comrade fell. It was a tight race we knew that. All in all, we are grateful for the distance we have covered and the people who we’ve met over the years. New friendships and bonds having been built, others strengthened and others lost.

We would no longer call this town our own, this place we lived is not where we belonged. We would miss who we were.


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