A Minute,

He walked across many vast lands, most were empty and devoid of life. He knew the down trodden paths like the back of his hand. He always liked the feeling of how the way the earth felt beneath his feet. Each time he came across a river he sat on its banks and he felt complete.

He never wanted all the complexities in life. He just wished for a simple life. A life of trust, love, and happiness. He was tired and he needed someone or rather something to rely on.

Plenty of times he came across fallen trees. He felt that the branches were looking at him. The autumn leaves reminded him of her. The one whom he truly loved and cared about. It took him back eons when he first met her at the entrance of the building where he once worked. It was raining, he had an umbrella and he made small talk. He escorted her to the bus stop. An opposite direction from where he used to board the bus. They went out for picnics, game drives, and both had a thing for the wild.

Is this where he used to love? The place where he has been dreaming of? He often wonders what happened to her. He does not know of her whereabouts. She was his simple thing, the one that brought joy, warmth, and radiance to his life.

He wants to get back to the city. The city that had no love for him whatsoever, and in return he did not reciprocate it either. He only wants a minute of her time, to go and talk abou it in a place somewhere only they know. He knows it could be the start and the end of everything he knows. He is ready for every worst case scenario.

He knows that time is not on his side. As the clock ticks so does he get older with each single minute. Would she be the one person that he could rely on? Perhaps this is his end as he sits by the river, thinking about her and that place. It’s somewhere only they know.

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  1. Ken says:

    I like your articles

    1. Amwadeghu says:

      I appreciate, thanks.

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