A Crossover.


Previously On 88,000 Acres of Bad Shit,…….

“I wish I could have stayed more with the doctor.” Akala thought in his head.

He definitely was having a good time with Dr. Artemina Miles. She brought out the very best in him. Things he did not know that existed in him. He was a wild card. He loved trying different wild things. He was obsessed and had been involved in various fetishes and wild orgies. He did not shy off from showing the doctor his wedding band that afternoon. After all, she knew that he was not happy in his marriage despite him recently showing signs of affection towards Nneka.

He did all that so that his mother would stop pestering him. If he gave his mother a grandchild then everyone would be happy. Nneka would become a mother and his mother would have someone to call a grandchild. Win-win situation. Lately Nneka did not seem to care about his show of affection. And that was why he went to the doctor.

He had thoughts of boning the doctor. But not in his mind he knew that it would be impossible. Things had turned out rather different that afternoon. He had sworn that he had quit his ways and joined the Lord’s bandwagon. The doctor had other motives though. One thing led to another and they ended up having a steamy session in the doctor’s office. Perhaps that was Artemina’s own way of making him forget his worries. It was wonderful to finally taste the warm pleasures that came beneath her honey pot. It was evident to him that she was good with what she did to him and his member. She was very generous.

She did not feign a headache or any nonsense of the sort. She seemed to love every bit of him. Maybe the doctor was in love with him. An angel in love with a rogue character. That for sure would be outrageous. He had hoped to stay the night and fulfill her wildest desires. Only if his phone would stop pestering him with its constant buzz and ringing.

He had a new fear in him. Something that seemed to terrify him. It was not his mother’s missed calls he was worried about. It was the message that he received from her.

I can tolerate your whoring ways but I cannot tolerate you having fun while your wife is fighting for her life at the General University Hospital. Turn on the television and flip over to any news channel and watch. I’ll see you tomorrow morning at the hospital. Akala, if you have eyes and ears let this sink into you.

It was half an hour past midnight when he received the text. His head had comfortably found heaven in Artemina’s bosom. His basking in the blossom and fragrance of Artemina’s wild charm was cut shot. He rose from his stupor and took the remote and turned on the huge plasma screen that hanged from the wall in the doctor’s office.

He was shocked when he saw what had transpired. He wondered why Nneka was with another man in his car at that time when the incident occurred. In that moment he realized that he had not used any form of protection with the doctor. He shoved those thoughts at the back of his head and picked his crumpled trousers from carpeted floor and hastily dressed.

“I shall come with you Akala.” Artemina said.

“No, let me rush to the hospital and check if everything is fine. I’ll brief you on the details.” He said as he left the office with his shirt in hand. He half run and half walked as he went to find his car.

He had lots of questions in his mind. It never bothered him that Nneka was in a critical condition. What bothered him was whether if Nneka actually cheated on him. He cringed in fear when he learnt that the other man who was slain was the son of a wealthy business man. Such kind of trouble he hoped that would not trickle down to him. Whoever did the act must have known about their affair.

Akala was angry that Nneka had decided to cheat on him with one of the untouchables. These were questions he could not answer. He prayed to God to heal his wife so that his wife would answer his questions.

As he drove to the hospital, he thought about Ophelia. If she was okay. He decided that he would call her as soon as he reached the hospital. It was a long drive to the hospital. No amount of music would quench his raging soul. He was scared and worried. He drove at a slow and steady pace. He did not want to face the realities of the matter.

The hospital was located in the heart of the city. Akala took plenty of time to reach. He was delaying the inevitable. As he reached the hospital’s parking lot, he was shocked to find his mother’s car and Artemina’s there.

“What on earth was Artemina doing in the hospital?” He thought.

He headed to the administration desk and inquired of Nneka’s whereabouts.

Akala: Hello nurse, is there a patient brought in by the name Nneka Kudzu?

Nurse: Yes, and who are you?

Akala: I’m her husband.

Nurse: Right this way sir. Though I’ll have to tell you that she is heavily guarded by the police. I’m truly sorry for the calamity that befell your wife.

The nurse took Akala to the intensive care unit whereby they found Francesca, Ophelia and Artemina. There was police presence in the vicinity. Nneka lay there motionless. She had just been wheeled from surgery. There was soft humming and beeping of the life support machine Tubes stuck out from her and ran to other machines. It was a cold reception. Francesca silently sobbed and prayed to whatever deity she had pegged her belief on.

The officers had begun asking Akala questions when suddenly the life support machine began making a continuous beeping noise. An alarm rang and the nurses and doctors rushed in.

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