#56 – Manman.

Manman, it has been three years since you left. Happy belated 56th birthday if you would still be walking on the face of this earth. You turned a year older in this world two days ago. I do not know of the other one yet. My bad. Your birthday passed and I did not write anything about father’s day which passed last week. You probably feel alienated or wonder why this guys never come home to where you were laid to rest. Do not feel bad about it. It is only that we got caught up in our day to day lives. We have not entirely forgotten you.

I spot a scruffy beard. Ha-ha my face no longer looks like an emoji. I resemble you a lot. Most times people get confused and call me your name. I tell them I’m your mini version. Especially your old pals those who had not seen you for a long time. I’m the only closest remembrance they can get of a visualization. I have grown and changed a lot. I took a new interest in writing. Been a while now manman.

Most of the manly duties in the house fell to me. Ensuring the water supply is constant, changing of bulbs, and taking care of things that involve electricity. Etcetera etcetera. I walk around the house in a vest and shorts to declare the dominance. I took your favorite spot in the sitting room. Weird right? Three years is kind of long regarding hat you missed some of the essential stuffs. Three of my previous birthdays for instance, my first stance at trying mid-scale poultry farming, and finally getting a hold of how things run in the house. Manman I got heartbroken by a pretty thing and it took a toll on me. It took a while before I figured a way out of the emotional turmoil. I laugh whenever I think of it.

I never inherited your calm composed nature and how you interacted with people. I guess I got the typhoon nature from mother. But the beauty of hurricanes is that they blow fast and hard and end as quickly as it came. She never remarried. Ha-ha she thought I was a bit cuckoo when I told her about it. We all humans and we all got needs. She been pretty well. She keeps pretty much to herself. She strengthened her ways with the Lord. Occasionally I do have those little tiffs with her concerning religion. She understands these days. Gradually getting to work on being friends though at times I do detach. I got myself a pretty woman. Been stable for a while now. It just happened. Cupid shot his arrow when I was least expecting. It just happened. I hope it leads to something.

I rarely use my middle name these days and instead took on your surname. It sits comfortable with me aye. Though I go under a very different radar when it comes to my social accounts which I have shied off for a month now. I got the same liking of the brand you used to don before. Coincidence? You were the tech savvy type. Would blend in with every release of technology out in this world. Can’t blame you for that. The entire family moves at such speeds.

Remember asking me how twitter worked? How you would retweet my tweets every time and yet you had no clue of how it still worked? Remember how you used to like every picture of mine on that other app that people use ‘X’ instead of ‘S’ to sound cool? I knew it was you trying to reach out in several different ways because I have the same light you had.

I stopped asking questions on your departure. I appreciate it. I had to find my own ways and stumble a bit. It’s life. Remember he study room you always pestered me to have and I never seemed to get the memo? Well, I recently set it up. I acquired the taste of listening to rhumba music. I do listen to them and it brings certain nostalgic moments. It brings peace whenever I hit a writer’s block. I hope one day you will be able to read my work.

I’ll be home soon enough and we will gather around your resting place. From the old to the young and commemorate. No more crying and tears but instead celebrate a life well lived.

Happy belated Father’s day Manman.

A 56TH   belated birthday to you wherever you are. If there’s a bar around we can always have a Tusker to toast to each other through the veil.

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