What has this year done for me that I would want to remove my clothes and bask in the sun? Or just stand on the rooftop of a building and enjoy the evening sun? What is it about it that it has done or brought delight to you? Or did this year come around with the agony on one gnashing their teeth? The morning lights have been brighter than usual as the year comes to an end and my heart feels lighter in comparison. I’m glad and thank God for how far he has made me reach.

2019 has been both good and bad towards me. I have encountered plenty of wins and I’ve weathered my losses. I made a ton of mistakes, learnt through them. Met interesting new people, made friends in the long run and lost some. It is a year which I won’t forget. It would be etched in my memories for long. And I got to cover and write peoples stories. People whom I had no clue nor any iota of an idea that my writing would impact them positively. This year has also seen my writing grow from the dark arts to very many different categories. I tried not to be monotonous. It wouldn’t be fun aye?

Here are the few top moments of this year.

Shifting from the free WordPress domain to fully fledged owning this space over here.

I had been toying with this idea for a while in my head before I made the move. It was something that was behind the scenes for a couple of months. It was on a sunny Thursday morning of 11th April when the site became live. It was such an important step since it showed/indicated where the future of this blog was heading. After all everybody likes their privacy and this space here is a private haven I created for you guys. Actually I was not sure of how it would be received but I was overwhelmed and glad that you guys gave me a positive feedback and encouragement.

Challenge Accepted;-Writing a Sequel.

I never had it in mind that I would have written a sequel. All this began when I had penned down an article dabbed 88,000 Acres of Bad Shit. A few of the guys in this blogosphere challenged me to write additional five chapters.  It has since morphed and expanded into more than twenty chapters. I put it on hold after the twenty fifth chapter. The good news is that it is complete and would soon be available in your local online bookstore. I truly appreciate on the simple fact that you gave me the urge to continue and write about it. Even during those days when I had no will nor zeal to continue. I’m glad that it expanded my capabilities. It has lots of twists and turns. Watch out for it. Maybe it might feature in a show. Who knows?

Moment of the year.

I have been writing seriously for a while now. I still write even if I have to juggle between other stuff that are of mundane nature. There was a running contest on Wattpad dubbed the Watty’s. One of the books known as, “A Mugfull of Short Stories” was nominated. Even if it did not win the category it showed that there is a possibility. A few others from the Wattpad categories have topped their categories. I have three unpublished novels as per now. A few editing here and there before they are released. Working with the diocese was a new experience. I got an insight view of certain matters.

Writing A Game Script.

Somewhere along towards the end of this year, I got to work with an upcoming young game developer who goes by the name Kyle. I got to work on a game project with him. I had never written a script before. Let alone a gaming script. This was a wonderful journey as plenty of ideas and heads weer put together. It took weeks to have the story line and graphics in place. Demos were made and the game would be out in the first quarter of the year.

Kelsie Inc Solutions

Guys meet Kevin,

Kevin meet the guys.

Kev is the guy behind Kelisi Inc Solutions. One cool chap, has a guttural laughter and has a huge sense of humor. His company Kelisi Inc is the brainchild behind the design of this site Amwadeghu and other numerous sites his company has done. Kelisi Inc is a one stop shop for your technological needs. From customized websites, systems, graphic designs, logos and networking solutions. Then Kelisi Inc Solution is the right choice for you. It is home. After all isn’t home where the WiFi connects automatically?

Luncheon with Justina.

Coincidences can be crazy at times. I was in Westie with Kev working on some graphics designs and travel itineraries. We were supposed to meet Justina in Kileleshwa, but work took a huge chunk of our time. We ended rescheduling and met at the Karen Golf Club. We had late lunch. I must say that I was intrigued by her vast knowledge in the business and marketing sector. She gave valuable tips and advises on how to manoeuvre around the corporate world. She is aggressive when it comes to marketing. It is either you go hard or you go home.

Dawida Chronicles.

This is a long term project. I’m in the process of rediscovering my cultural background. I want to understand why things are the way they are. There are plenty of beautiful stories about our people. I have only done two chapters on it. It got me thinking about the travel categories.


I honestly get tired of editing at times. It is time consuming. And most of the time my mind is usually on relax mode once I have penned an article.

Meet Humphrey, the guy behind editing these articles. At times we would be at loggerheads, but you see we don’t catch feeliums in here. It is all good, no bad blood.

MADAY Insurance.

Jimmy and Linda are the brains behind Maday Insurance Company. You can have a look at his site on https://www.maday.co.ke

They are a ball of energy. Anything to do with insurance from car covers, travel insurances, medical covers and house covers. It is one insurance company I would recommend any day any time. It has got one of the best deals. It is one of the best things that happened this year.

Books of the Year.

I used to have a reading target, but somewhere along the lines life caught up with me. Books are supposed to be savored. The Book of the year was Skeletons of the Sahara by Dean King, followed closely by Chinua Achebe’s; There was a country. I am Malala by Malala Yousafzai also picked my interest. This third book was a true account of Malala. I have been have a fan of Biko Zulu and Charles Chanchori. These are writers I’d want to meet someday.

Towards the last quarter?

Life opened up in very many ways I could not have imagined. I met interesting people. Some of them I pegged their stories. I’d be forever grateful to Sensei, Arketa, Ibby and Agrippina. They gave me a glimpse of what was happening in their life. It is not every day that someone always opens up to you in their life like a wild flower.


The articles I penned down to you. I can’t say which article I wrote wowed me, all seemed good. I have had a hard time choosing. With every article I seem to outdo myself each time. Maybe I set the bar too high?

What did I learn from all the stories?

 Would one be happy if they settled with a person they did not fancy? Why stay with a person if things are going haywire? Can we have a positive story when it comes to love, relationships and marriage? Why would one claim to be happy with the love of their life and still look for someone else besides their own “tax” bracket? What is the definition of happiness? What about the other vices practiced? Can we ever achieve global peace? And how in the world did Brandon Stark become King?

In The End?

I had fun telling stories in this space. It is you the readers that have made this possible. I will do it again come the 6th of Jan next year. I do not know what mbao mbao would hold (2020). I’d chart out to new horizons and explore the skies. You never know.

As I post this I would be with family, the scent of chapattis and roasted meat wafting through the air. Various dishes and an assortment of whiskeys and glasses clinking in the air. Telling each other Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Next year kindly use the comment section. Have a good one and a totally prosperous 2020.

Ganbatte (GOOD LUCK).

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