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At the end of last year I began writing a new series. I dubbed it the name 88,000 acres of bad shit. It has two episodes out already. It’s going to run pretty much of the first quarter or rather half before I decide on something else to do. I took writing this new series as a challenge. I thought that maybe I would morph it into a book as the days go by. I’m writing a sequel because some of the characters speak to me clearly and with a natural like zeal.I might even add new characters as time goes so as to hopefully cover a few societal issues. I might also introduce other articles, I’m thinking I could do three articles per week or two, depending on how the pendulum in my mind would swing.

Last year I covered a lot on death and depression. It was one of the major themes. I met many peeps who were undergoing various forms of depression and mental illness and I thought it is a very serious issue yet we refuse to acknowledge its malignant presence. It is an issue that is eating out we millenials.

We can be successful outside but underneath we could be struggling with various issues and battling different demons. Demons might arise in forms of alcoholism, prostitution, drugs and substance abuse, suicidal thoughts and behaviours, religious differences, gender based violences and the likes. The list is endless. It’s not everyday one has a happy ending or a happily ever after sort of thing. But if you see a person you know going through acute forms of depression, reach out. At times reaching out is what might help them see the light. Open a window and tell them that the world outside is bright and full of vibrant colours. Don’t let one wallow in self loathing and pity. They’d recoil and sink deeper into their cocoons. We tend not to tell people our problems because we don’t want to be viewed as weak, vulnerable or simply  being pussies. We could encourage one who is unable to open up to people close to or around them to seek professional help.

This year, I hope I wont read on the papers or view news on the t.v that another youngin decided to end their lives  on matters that could be solved amicably.

I’ve been told that most of my articles lack a happy ending. For you my people I’ll try to change that. We will start little by little though because as we all know Rome wasn’t built in a day.

We trudge through our various situations like llamas in silence when really we could be sharing with each other about anything we feel is worth sharing.                                                      I want us to talk about all sorts of things. What makes you happy? What are the little things that tick you off? I want to talk to the unemployed what is it like to them? How are they handling it? What are they doing about it?I also want to talk to the employed and ask what vagaries  they go through, whether they have a mean boss, whether their work place is somewhere a person can look forward to being in, whether emotional support is offered when an employee needs it and many other things I’d like to know. I also want to talk about family., different views of family perhaps? Would one prefer one or many kids? Would one want to become a single parent or they idolize the institution of marriage? What happens to the men who raise or discover they’re raising children that are not biologically theirs? How did they overcome that hurdle? What of women who don’t have kids and the society has deemed them barren? How does the world look and feel from their eyes?

I want to talk to people who are struggling with substance addiction. It looks much better when put that way. Substance can be anything you hedonise to the point that it becomes a habit. How does their actions and decisions affect those around them?

What of people who spend their time immersed in virtual worlds and gaming? Do they live a normal life outside their consoles? How good are their peoples skills? Do they get frustrations in the real world  just like in their virtual realities? Do they use their virtual realm as an escape from reality? Which avatar whave they picked that suits their needs? Are they content with what they’ve become in their dream world? I want to talk to ladies who game and endulge in men’s field?Why do they enjoy video games? What stereotype do they often encounter? Does it break their morale? Do they view the guys they game with as brothers or do they play harbouring  other intentions?

I’d like to meet people who are told they waste money on non essential things. What goes through their mind? Does buying those nonessentials calm their urge or wants?

What of the entrepreneurs? Challenges they go through? Happy times? Low times? How did they earn their first bucks? What triggered them to venture into the wild wild west of business? Have they employed other people? Do they mentor people? What advise would they give to someone who wants to venture into the deep blue sea?

We could talk about all this over food or whiskey, indoors or outdoors, incognito mode would be turned on for those who would like anonymity. A story is a story whether good or bad.

Have a peaceful one ahead.

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