Belle 5 – The Fall Out

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Present Day,

Umaru Musa Yar’Adua Road,

Outskirts of JEDO Estate,


0730 Hours.

Jonathan feels a little nauseous and his hands were shaking as he drove along the Umaru Musa Yar’Adua road. He checked out of Fraser Suites early so that he could beat the early morning traffic. He had passed the outskirts of Jedo estate and was headed towards the Total service station. He would fuel and hit the road which would bring him to an intersection that joins the Abuja-Lokoja road. It was going to be a long drive for him. He was quite used to driving long distances but this drive would be different. He was going back a dejected man. Last night he called Rosemary. It sounded like she was in a club. She spoke rashly towards him over the phone. Was she not the one who gave him her card and planted a kiss on his lips? For a moment he thought he would get close to Rosemary. His throat felt dry and his heart raced when he thought about it.

He thinks about it, he knows he hadn’t been by her side for long. Jonathan decided that he would put distance between them. He does not want to reminisce about his stint at the parking lot with that devil of a woman Rosemary. He silently cursed her for wanting to lead him on and then crash whatever he had in mind. He has to let go so that he can be happy.

Jonah pulled in at the Total service station and told the guy behind the fuel pump that he needs a full tank. After his car had been fuelled, he proceeded to check the tire pressures of his car, before embarking on his journey. It was at this moment when his mother called.

Jonathan: Hello mother.

Mother: Hello my son, where have you been for the past few days? Out for work again?

Jonathan: I drove to Abuja mother.

Mother: What was there that made you endure a 12-hour gruesome drive?

Jonathan: I attended a wedding mother.

Mother: Talking about a wedding, don’t you think it is time that you marry Belle? Stop chasing these other girls who would kill you from high blood pressure.

Jonathan: It looks like we will have to wait a little bit longer because I had to let this one go too.

Mother: Stop your foolish jokes. Don’t you see that you are getting old?

Jonathan: I’m barely thirty yet.

Mother: Hush child, I don’t want to hear your insolent words.

Jonathan: Belle got married mother. And that man is not me.

Mother: What do you mean that Belle got married Jonah abi? What did you do this time that made you push her to the arms of another man? I’m so done with you.

Jonah: I tried liking this one mother. I really did try to love her. I even brought her home and you guys got along well. I did go to dates with her, but with time everything felt so forced mother. Belle did try her best to keep the relationship alive. Poor thing, it was not her fault really.

Mother: She is a good girl, and yet you ended up toying with her emotions. It is rare to find such humble women especially one that comes from a rich background. Think about the endless possibilities you would have had.

Jonah: Belle has the cleanest heart, that I know very well mother. She was one of the best. She had a warm pretty smile that always beamed across her face. She also had that grand walk, one that was careful and yet graceful like a queen. She cleaned, cooked, and ironed my clothes. She ensured that I was clean. And when we made love, she did things to me that no woman had ever done to me before. The type of things that makes my toes frizzle. I loved every step of it. I do think of the nights in the park with her. It would get dark and we would stay up for hours. What a time it was. We would cling to each other’s body like we wanted it to be forever.

Mother: When did you break up?

Jonah: It’s been two years and something close to ten months since I parted ways with her mother.

Mother: And why did you not tell me?

Jonah: What would be the point of it?

Mother: All that time she used to call, visit, and come to check up on me yet you had broken up? God bless her soul. Shame on you Jonah.

Jonah: When Belle and I were dating, I made sure to pick all her calls religiously. To be honest, I always wanted them to end. I thought I would leave her before she left me. When things were going south, I wanted to break her heart before she broke mine. Though a part of me still wanted her, I wanted her heart for takeaway. I know it is not fair. Whenever she called, I was the meticulous voice on the other end of the phone.

Mother: But you all looked good for each other Jonah, you did everything a man is supposed to do.

Jonah: You remember the dates I used to go with her whenever she visited us in Lagos? I hated every moment of them mother. The simple fact was that I would rather watch a football match in some bar. But you see, she had this sweet charming voice and the coward in me could not say any much to her chagrin. I never wanted to see her with premium tears. There were questions I did not want to address them at that time.

Mother: What questions were you avoiding?

Jonah: Her asking me why I no longer liked her or being asked if she wasn’t good for me. So I stuck up through it all. I was just some phallic-excited dude who was impressed by being in a relationship with a beautiful lady. I forced my talks and smiled all through them. To be honest it was tiresome for me. I still love her. I can’t pretend any longer. Yes, I tried to reach out and salvage whatever was left but no need to. I know you want grandchildren mother. But not in this way mama. Today I come to terms and finally say goodbye to Belle. My heart no longer runs for her.

Mother: I’m worried that someday you will regret this decision and die an old lonely bitter man.

Jonah: I won’t force a romantic relationship. If I do even the most surreal moments would not matter at all. Life is much better with a person you would want to be with. I am not worried that maybe this decision someday would come to haunt me back. I am not worried that someday I would be all alone on my death bed as the light ebbs out from my eyes. No loved ones next to me. Apart from you, who would I call when something fabulous happens in my life? Incapacitating fear at times grips me at times. I have to admit it, rather than chase someone else’s wife.

Mother: You only spoke to her when I asked you why she no longer calls.

Jonah: When she broke up with me for not treating her right, I had to face her tears. She cried and amidst sobs, she asked why I pretended to be with her when all along I knew it was just a façade. I told her that I really liked and loved her because she was humorous, gorgeous, and intelligent. It did not end like we were supposed to. It got a bit tense when I called her a month before her wedding. I wondered if my mind left out all the bad parts and it made no sense when I called her. It is all distant now. What a lie when I thought I’d have my cake and eat it.

Mother: I’m worried that you will not find a good girl like Belle. I’m disappointed in you.

Jonah: I know. I understand that you are growing old and your body is not youthful and packed with energy as it used to be. You have been thinking more and more about the apex of your days and what legacy you would be leaving behind. You are truly worried that you would not see a child of mine before you leave. Apologies for that mother.

Mother: You are something else, Jonathan. You know all these truths yet you still find ways to amuse yourself by playing jelly with other people’s hearts. As soon as Belle is done with her honeymoon, you will know what true pain is when you see her glowing.

Jonah: This wayward son of yours has to go. I have over ten hours to drive.

Mother: Drive safe. Love you.

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