Today is the second day of October. It takes me back to when I was 18 years old. What a magical time in my life. Fresh into college & ready to rock the world.I, however, wasn’t ready to get cheated on and crash land into reality. It was all avoidable, if only I had the knowledge.


1: Women do not speak to you with words, but with actions. Never take a woman’s words at face value. Women do not communicate like men. Women will communicate with subtle hints that will drive you crazy if you can’t decipher them. Learn what they mean. Example: If a girl likes you, she will not come up there and tell you. She’ll sit across the room, make eye contact, and try to look as pretty as possible. Now, if you were like me at 18, you’d start wondering if she likes you. If you were smart, you’d already know.Do you know how many times your girl has wanted sex from you and you’ve missed it? That pretty pair of panties you said were your favorite. She’s not wearing those based on coincidence. She wants you to notice and take charge. PAY ATTENTION TO DETAIL AND DECIPHER HER ACTIONS.

2: She is not worth fixing. See, when I was younger, I thought that I could skip the process of finding a high quality woman by “repairing” a low quality one. She will never be healed. You may think you’re improving her, but the same destructive behaviors she had will resurface. This is not derived from your pure, bleeding heart. You want to fix your women because you’re a coward. You’re scared of the work it takes to become high quality, and even more afraid of high quality women rejecting you. The quality of your woman reflects you. FIX YOURSELF.

3. Never say ‘I Love You’ first. Women want to feel like they have to overcome obstacles to win a man’s heart. They crave the challenge of capturing the interest of a man who has other women competing for his attention. The man who gives his emotional world away too easily robs women of the satisfaction of earning his love. Though you may be in love with her, don’t say it before she has said it. Inspire her to take the leap for you, and she will return the favor a thousand fold.

4. You shall make your mission, not your woman, your priority. Forget all those romantic clichés of the leading man proclaiming his undying love for the woman who completes him. Women do not want to be “The One” or the center of a man’s existence. They in fact want to subordinate themselves to a worthy man’s life purpose, to help him achieve that purpose with their feminine support, and to follow the path he lays out. You must respect a woman’s integrity and not lie to her that she is “your everything”. She is not your everything, and if she is, she will soon not be anymore.

5. Keep her guessing. True to their impossible to understand natures, women ask questions they don’t really want direct answers to. Woe be the man who plays it straight, his fate is the suffering of the beta. Evade & tease her. She thrives when she has to imagine what you’re thinking about her, and withers when she knows exactly how you feel. A woman may want financial and family security, but she does not want passion security. In the same manner, when she has displeased you, punish her swiftly, but when she has done you right, reward slowly. Reward her good behavior intermittently and unpredictably and she will never tire of working hard to please you.

6. Always keep two in the kitty. Never allow yourself to be a “kept man”. A man with options is a man without need. It builds confidence and encourages boldness with women if there is another woman, a safety net, to catch you in case you slip and risk a breakup leading to loneliness and a grinding dry spell. A woman knows once she has slept with a man she has given a measure of her power; when she has fallen in love with him she has surrendered nearly all of it. But love doesn’t last and with time she may rediscover her power and threaten to leave you.

7. Connect with her emotions. Set yourself apart from other men and connect with a woman’s emotional landscape. Her mind is an alien world that requires navigation. Be playful with her emotions. Employ all your senses. Describe in lush detail scenarios to set her heart afire. Give your feelings freedom to roam. You’re not on a linear path with her. You are ROAMING all over, taking her on an adventure.

8. Ignore her beauty. The man who trains his mind to subdue the reward centers of his brain when reflecting upon a beautiful female face will magically transform his interactions with women. It will help you acquire the right frame of mind to stop using the words hot, cute, gorgeous, or beautiful to describe girls who turn you on. Instead, say to yourself “she’s interesting” or “she might be worth getting to know”. Never compliment a girl on her looks, especially not a girl you aren’t having sex with. Turn off that part of your brain that wants to put them on pedestals. Further advanced training to reach this state of unawed transcendence is to sleep with many MANY attractive women.

9. Be irrationally self-confident. No matter what your station in life, stride through the world without apology or excuse. It does not matter if objectively you are not the best man a woman can get; what matters is that you think and act like you are. Women have a dog’s instinct for uncovering weakness in men; don’t make it easy for them. Self-confidence, warranted or not, triggers submissive emotional responses in women. Irrational self-confidence will get you more women than rational defeatism.

10. Maximize your strengths, minimize your weaknesses. In the betterment of ourselves as men we attract women into our orbit. To accomplish this gravitational pull as painlessly and efficiently as possible, you must identify your natural talents and shortcomings and parcel your efforts accordingly. If you are a gifted jokester, don’t waste time and energy trying to raise your status in athletics. If you write well but dance poorly, don’t kill yourself trying to expand your manly influence on the dancefloor. Your goal should be to attract women effortlessly, so play to your strengths no matter what they are.

11. Err on the side of too much boldness, rather than too little. Don’t let a woman’s fake anger at your boldness sway you; they secretly love it when a man aggressively pursues what he wants and makes his sexual intentions known. You don’t have to be an asshole, but if you have no choice, being an inconsiderate asshole beats being a polite beta, every time.

12. Maintain your state control. You are an oak tree. You will not be manipulated by crying, yelling, lying, head games, sexual withdrawal, jealousy ploys, shit tests, hot/cold/hot/cold, disappearing acts, or guilt trips. She will rain and thunder all around you and you will shelter her until her storm passes. She will not drag you into her chaos or uproot you. When you have mastery over yourself, you will have mastery over her.

13. Never be afraid to lose her. You must not fear. Fear is the love-killer. You will face your fear. You will permit it to pass over and through you. And when your ego-fear is gone you will turn and face your lover, and only your heart will remain. You will walk away from her when she has violated your integrity, and you will let her walk when her heart is close to you. She who can destroy you, controls you. Don’t give her that power over yourself. Love yourself before you love her.

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