It’s someone’s prerogative to tell their story and also to change their mind at any point before publishing, but it’s annoying as hell. Throws a spanner in the works. It has happened before whenever someone developed cold feet. I had not planned to drink. It hadn’t crossed my mind. I had a bottle of whiskey, Blanco white wine, and Royal red wine. All of them I was saving them for some occasion that is bound to happen in a months time. Actually it takes great discipline not to drink when you actually have the stock in the house. It had been a month plus since I last graced my taste buds with any form of elixir that would elevate my spirits.

So here I was, with two stories gone down the drain and a couple of man hours wasted. I needed something to calm down the edginess. Spending six hours to do two stories was a herculean task. I went out, and gazed into the eyes of my beloved. I knew I wasn’t going to take her out for a ride. She had only been recently serviced. She gleamed well in the sun. Then I thought about Rosette. I last saw her about five years ago.

She recently reached out on one of those many social media platforms. She looked dashing from her pictures. More stunning and mature. Contacts were exchanged and the rest they say is history. I was actually yearning for company. Some female companionship that I could share my wine with and have just general banter and a little bit of intellectual exchange. I wasn’t ready to deal with the types that responded with, “true true” or rather, “for real? Aki sure?” Rosette actually fit the description. Surely there wasn’t any harm if old folks did some catching up, right?

I was just from the first service when she called me. I was torn in the process of choosing an orange which gave me a false sense of grandeur or if I should have an apple. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. But the fruits weren’t giving me any incentives that day.

“Hey, what are your plans today?” She’d ask.

“Nothing much, wondering whether if an apple a day or an orange would do the trick,” I said.

“A cocktail?”

“That would depend with the choice of drink you’d be planning to have.”

“Quite the connoisseur I see.”

“Been a while since I famished my taste buds with such.”

“I got a bottle of wine that I thought it’d be great if I shared it with you and other nice things that would come along.”

“A great choice of wordplay you have there.”

“Ping me the location.”

“Alright, same old place.”

“But you’d pick me up right once I reach?”

“Yeah sure, the roads are accessible.”

“Okay, let me get an Uber.”

“Alright, call me when you reach.”

Then she ended the call. There was never an early time for good moments. This was something worthwhile looking forward to. I got busy prepping up the ingredients that I’d use to make chicken teriyaki and some shakshuka. Of course you can’t drink without having matandiko mema kwa tumbo. I forgot all about the quagmire as I set on cooking and wafting the ancestors nostrils as a delicious aroma filled the air. Half an hour later she had arrived.

Gorgeous was an understatement. She never goes back on her word when it comes to certain aspects. For a moment my eyes soaked everything in, from her free flowing maxi dress to the soft features that God blessed her. Away from that lads. I had to snap from the reverie since I had left the broth to simmer on low heat. I ushered her in.

“I longed so long to feel you this close,” she said as she hugged me.

“Been a moment,”

“I got us a bottle of wine and some takeaway food.”

“I was making some food.” I told her.

“More for us then.” Her laughter was beautiful, much prettier than the fur Elise symphony.

She wasn’t the shy type when it came to culinary skills. I was impressed. Everything was the same just like five years ago. It was like time never happened. Perhaps the cosmos aligned that day. The energy, vibe, was just positive. Her in depth knowledge on certain things mesmerized me. Her bottle got drowned without us realizing it.

We had lunch after on, then we danced around to Tracy Chapman’s “Fast car” track. It was only fair that I’d share the Royal red wine with her. Glasses half full got us into a compromising position and a situation ship.

“You have anyone?”

“I’m just a guy and his machines.”

“Perfect. That makes us two.”

“Shouldn’t you ask if I have anyone?”

“There’s no wedding band or rather you haven’t said anything about you being married or getting close to that. So I’d go with the flow. Just like the waves of the ocean.”

“Not my cup of coffee. Not going down that path anytime soon.”

“I see.”

“You’ll take me for a ride on your pretty machine and another wild ride. I’ve already envisioned me holding you tight from behind as you take me home.”

“No what are we questions in the morning.”

“We both know that we don’t do that here.”

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