Care, Compassion, Compadre

I learnt to keep away, to mind my own business. I don’t seek people out as a result. I don’t mind solitude. I’m used to it. I’m pretty much okay with my own company since time immemorial.

Three nights ago, I heard my neighbor pray. It had been long since I heard her pray. This was one of those honest prayers. Prayers that came from the bottom part of the heart. Not too loud, nor too silent,….just a heart to heart with the almighty father. Her’s wasn’t a prayer that came along with the gusto, bravado and the pompous glamor that happened in crusades. Her only wish was for her mzee to get well.

It made me realize no matter how much wealth we’d amass in our lives, nothing beats the general conscience of having good health. To wake up breathing well, and knowing that every part of your body functions fully is an underrated blessing. Many have truly wished to be where we are but not all have reached. After she finished praying, I could hear them talk, I wasn’t keen on them but all I know was that their talk was full of joy and love even in their old age.

It reminded me the importance of companionship.
The beauty of growing old together with your partner and embracing your strengths and weaknesses. It takes a lot to stay in something strong and solid. Unlike our generation which takes pride in being talibans. Afraid to love and let go of the baggage of the past. A generation which is keen on safeguarding their interests and using other peoples hearts as takeaways. Talibans these ones.

This thing people call love, I believe its like never having the wind with you. Either it’s against you or you having a good day. All in all one has to learn to go with its flow. It’s nice seeing people settling down and getting ready to start their families.

So where have I been all this while? My boys have been getting married the past few weekends. Which is all good and I’m happy for them. A few years ago talks were it about classes, work, cars, and whiskey. But these days the talks changed which shows that the crew is literally maturing. Guys having kids and starting their own families. And please do no ask me about children or my better half. You’ll wait on that for a while. They said no road is long when you have good company. That answers your queries right?

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